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  • Ping 41: Top stories of 2009, bing, windows 7, laptop hunters, azure

    Thanks for remembering us down here in Australia. the Videos seem to be working now. And thanks for the great show over the last year. Have a great Christmas guys.

  • Ping 39: Chrome is here, Dancing in MS Stores, Iphone & Bing

    Laura, I am using Windows 7 x64 RTM... But I have also tried on Windows XP SP3 x86.

    I tried downloading again and got approx 56MB of 168MB...


    s3m4ph0r3, is a load ballanced address which will return various IPs why would I want to lock in to one address?? the addresses resolved so far are,,, Is 219 the only address that works? If modifying my hosts file is a fix than there must be a problem the infrastructure.


    Dont worry guys.. I'll get it eventually... Smiley

  • Ping 39: Chrome is here, Dancing in MS Stores, Iphone & Bing

    Video is still not working... I have not seen past about the 1 minute mark..

    Downloads are not working either and if you choose another format such as PSP MP4 it redirects to the audio file m4a???

    I have now tried several ISPs. Also videos from other C9 posts seem not to be working either.

    Maybe this problem is region specific!!! I'm sorry I will miss this episode.. If you guys want me to try anything just let me know.


  • Ping 39: Chrome is here, Dancing in MS Stores, Iphone & Bing

    I take that back... there seems to be problems downloading the files.. They stop downloading midway and at any point.. sometimes 1 MB other times 8 MB but I have not successfully downloaded more than about 10MB. Looking at other people's reports it seems to not be isolated. I noticed another video on was doing the same recently. So it is not the Dingo after all. Smiley

  • Ping 39: Chrome is here, Dancing in MS Stores, Iphone & Bing

    Thanks for getting back Laura, It seems to be working now...


    The errors I was having seemed to be related to missing content. The silverlight version was reporting media failure and the downloads (MP4, Zune, WMV etc) were reporting error connecting to content.. (I cannot remember exact message) If is see it in the future I'll be more precise.


    Also I'm in Australia so maybe the Dingo carrier we use here was asleep last night.. Wink


    thanks again.

  • Ping 39: Chrome is here, Dancing in MS Stores, Iphone & Bing

    Video is not working and neither is the downloads... seems to be happening a lot lately with these websites.. Channel 9 / Channel 10 / Edge.. they seem very buggy. Not a good thing when this creates a bad impression of Microsoft.. time to fix it...

    Also i have noticed a lot of spam appearing in the posts!!!!!


    Please fix soon.

  • Hands on with Windows Live Movie Maker



    It would be nice to have an "Advanced" button for the final encode. Just some simple advanced options for WMV like: Output Resolution, Bitrate, and Dual / Single Pass encoding options. This program comes 95% of the way to fullfilling my requirments for simple editing tasks and so far I love it!

  • Hands on with Windows Live Movie Maker

    I belive I have found a reproducible bug when using the *.wtv files that Windows 7 Media Center Produces for recorded TV shows.


    The can be imported into WLMM and edited but once you try to Encode the end video. It just pauses on the beginning of the progress bar and the program must be killed via Task Manager! Cancel button does not work. I have tried this on two test systems.


    Source of Video (*.wtv file): Windows Media Center running on Windows 7 RC x86.


    Test systems for WLMM: Windows 7 x64 RC & Windows 7 RTM x86.


    It would be disapointing of WLMM cannot use this file as some people may obtain Home Videos from camcorders this way. The only product that seem to deal with this file format successfully is the old Windows Movie Maker included in Windows Vista. (NOT Windows Movie Maker 2.6!)



  • Hands on with Windows Live Movie Maker

    What a great demo.. shows us the features and how to use it.. and also goes into the backend and tells us about the engine.

    WLMM look like a great piece of work from both a usability and engineering perspective.. I will be testing this out very soon... and telling everyone about it. Thanks guys.