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  • Jason Zander: Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Released - General Download Available

    Does anyone have the inside scoop on when we will see the next SL4 drop that works with this RC0? I cannot imagine people using VS candidates and betas for much else than playing around web development, and maybe some entity framework stuff. And now the RC does not support that? Strange days.


    Currently all new Greenfields web development is in limbo. Migrating a proper (RIA,PRISM,MEF,CLOG,) SL3 app from 2008 to SL4 2010 is going to be very nightmarish. At least it was so for me with VS 2010 Beta 2 + SL4... to many changes. Multi-targetting between SL3 & SL4 in the beta was a proper disaster. 


    Therefore I am stuck in development limbo, lying to the authorities and developing my new WEB apps in vs2010 beta 2 + SL4 hoping that when the WEB site is supposed to go live, M$ has released at least a GO LIVE on SL4. If not I am in big trouble.