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  • SharePoint 2013 Fun with SharePoint Social, CSOM and Windows 8

    Your Windows Store app WILL NOT pass app certification and consequently it will not be accepted in the Windows Store if you use these SharePoint DLLs.

    These DLLs can be added to a Windows Store app project, and the project will compile and run fine on your development machine. However, prior to submitting your app to the Windows Store, you will need to run your app through the WACK (Windows Store app certification kit) Tool.

    The WACK tool will report a certification failure for such an app in the "Supported API Test". The certification report will tell you that the SharePoint DLLs are using functionality (calling functions) that are not supported in a Windows Store app. 

    Such apps will not pass Windows Store certification process and there is no exception process that will accept such apps in the Store.

    If you want your Windows Store app to be published to the Store, you should not use these DLLs. The right way to consume Sharepoint functionality from your Windows Store app that'll be published to the Windows Store is to use the Sharepoint REST API and not use these SharePoint DLLs at all.





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