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  • Web parts made easy -Part1

    Could barely read anything on your screen
  • Elissa Murphy: From Music to Microsoft

    Elissa, you being a Principal PM at Microsoft, I expected some great (something unique) answers from you;, but after listening to this video I saw nothing different in your answer as compared to other PMs or Sr. PMs.

    I believe interviews like these (interviewing standards questions)should be stopped, so that you speak more about what is the achievements or accomplishments you made in last 9 years, that made a difference in MS. You did mention that you chose this industry as you got a chance to maske/bring a difference, but how do we know what difference you brought to us. You answers to me sounded more fluff-talk.

    I personally think its waste of your time in this interview, and waste our time too.  Wish you could add more examples to your talk




  • Add Transaction Support to Database Unit Tests

    Hi Sachin

    Whatever you demoed was real cool, but was it worth it?

    IMHO, everybody knows these kinds of simple unit tests, I guess everybody would love to see some unit tests that is written on complex stored procedures

    If you guys plan on doing those, then there shall be some value add to these videos else I guess its waste of time. 
  • Javed Sikander: Office 2007- Office Business Application

    Good Presentation.

    Few Comments + Questions for Javed

    1. When you are speaking about product at such high-level, its better to have a picture of the architecure or white board it

    2. Having few screen shots of few applications whiere you said this product will be helpful, would have explained the things better

    3. Any customer-base (Industry) who have used this tool, if you could have shared that info. that would have been a value

    4. Can you demo a real-life example (please do not demo a dummy data), would love to see a real-life example

    5. Can your product merge with other technologies (non-MS Technologies)

    6. Would love to hear more about customization involved in base-product, to meet customers requirement.

    7. What are the dependencies, can we get some additional information (Share Point, SQL Server, Office 2007..... and .....?)

    8. Still sounded like a "Small Businesss Server" application, rather than "Enterprise Application"

  • Jay Schmelzer - Working on the VB Core Team

    Hi Jay

    In this video you have mentioned that by typing 3 single quotes in the editor it will generate <Summary> tag which can be used for API documentation.

    Is there anyway to add a new feature (if it does not exist) which will generate:

    1. <Summary> skeleton tag for every method in the file for the ones
    where there are no <Summary> tag defined

    2. If this TAG is already defined, then it will verify/update the parameters if they are in-correctly defined

    3. If this TAG is already defined, then it will not touch the existing comments written but will only edits the bare minimums

    More like code re-factoring.

    In short, insted of developers typing 3 single quotes (3 /// in c#) for every method, there will be an option (with enable / disable option in Tools-->Option for sure Smiley) that will generate <Summary> tag across the application or atleast current file for sure.

    This will defenitely be a great value add
  • Matt Pietrek - Visual Studio Diagnostics

    You are hiring full-time or contract position?
  • Polita Paulus - BLINQ

    Add some Gift/Award to your "Provide Feedback" feature, then you can expect some real great response, else there will be less participation.

    Speaking based off my experience.

  • Polita Paulus - BLINQ

    Few Questions

    1. In EDIT Mode, how do ensure that we can edit only limited fields rather that all the column.  Is that doable?

    2. Where / How do we edit the code, can you add more in-sight on that please

    3. You ran BLINQ from command prompt, that generated some vb/c# code, which I presume is editable. If so, lets say I made edits to these c#/vb code.  Now if I re-run BLINQ from command prompt, will it over-write my chanes?
  • Polita Paulus - BLINQ

    Few questions

    1. What are the pre-requisites

    2. Will this need any of the new tools like .Net F/w 3.0, vista,.....

    ANy help appreciated...

  • What's Office Live?

    1. How to add more "Color Schemes" to the existing list, are they customizable

    2. How to add more "Header Themes" to the existing list, are they customizable

    3. Can we audit the page content changes, if so can that feature be enabled/disabled?

    4. Some companies already have their web-pages hosted by 3rd party companies.   Does the tool support importing those pages in your tool. Can you please Demo that

    5. I would be happy to see few of the fatures which are explaining REAL-Life scenarios

    6. Are there any live webcasts planned on full-blown demo of this new product?

    7. Terra mentioned something about 22 applications. What are these and where can we get them?   Could you please provide the list? Is there a single please where we can get the list please?

    8. Of these 22 applications, very few are most commonly used.  Can somebody point us to most commom pain-point
       people encounter implementing them

  • Database Object Name Refactoring Using Visual Studio 2005 Database Professional Edition CTP 3

    Demo was good, here are my comments though:

    These changes (the one you demoed) are one of the most basic things. I sincerely doubt they would love to use tools like these for simple changes like "Column Rename"

    In your demo, if you display some COOOOOLLLL features that will WOOOW the customer that would be the selling point.  I know you guys are just doing these as to show new things but the question is "Is this something people really looking for?"

    In SQL 2005 there are so many new features added, if you could DEMO integration of your product with those new tool set, believe me that is what people would look for

    My 2 cents Smiley

  • Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database ​Professiona​ls

    At the very end you guys mentioned about Hands-on-lab, could you please provide the URL

    Other URLS:
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