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prencher prencher
  • User profile activity links

    A year later and still not fixed. Cool

  • User profile activity links

    I just noticed when looking at the new profile stuff, that there's some fudgery going on when there's a topic listed with no replies (or at least that seems to be the culprit).

    Have a look at http://channel9.msdn.com/Niners/prencher/ - Notice how every item below 'new visitmix' is off and link doesn't work.

    Aside: Forum doesn't automatically pick up raw links like the above. Seems silly not to.

  • Cool Xbox Update

    CompGuy101 wrote:

    Dashboard menus appear to be faster.

    The dashboard takes ages to load when you first boot up the xbox.

    Halo 3 was s .. o .... s .. l .. o .. w .. yesterday.

    As for Lloyd, why not just create a network bridge to connect your xbox to the internet?

    Dashboard and the ingame guide are heaps faster.

    LIVE was overloaded, but it's better now.. Unfortunately a good many parts of the dashboard and guide will just inexplicably freeze if there's a delay talking to the service (while other parts immediately tells you 'could not get info from live' or something like that).

    Brilliant update overall.. Sharing all my media with TVersity.. Nothing like watching the xvid/divx on HDTV Smiley

  • Channel9 Visitors Stats

    Basic stats like browser and version breakdowns, unique visitors day/month/all-time would be fun. Most popular entry page might be interesting too (just how many go directly to the forums rather than the vids?).

    As for reasoning.. None in particular, just plain old curiosity. Wink

  • This is how Vista is supposed to be enjoyed...

    Bas wrote:

    I have a 22" Samsung 226BW. Before that, I always used CRT's because I can't stand TFT's ghosting effects, even when the delay is 8 or 6ms. The 226BW has a 2ms delay, which isn't noticable to me.

    Oh, and I first played Oblivion on it and got incredible motion sickness after half an hour.

    I had one of those for a while.. Great for games, but I absolutely couldn't stand developing on it, it was way too bright on the desktop, and there were some issues with text rendering (thin letters appeared red or blue, depending on cleartype setting). How are you finding yours for desktop use?

    I'd love to pick up an LCD for my desktop, but as yet I haven't been able to find one that's good both for long periods of desktop use as well as gaming, without them costing a fortune. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my old trinitron CRT.. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  • Google​Browser - What an idea!

    ScanIAm wrote:
    So then all the money doesn't go back into development, it goes into car payments, mortgages, and swag.

    Nice try, tho.

    So rewarding people that have contributed for years, giving them incentives to keep contributing, and offering them jobs to do it full time is NOT putting money back into development? What world do you live in?

    But I guess opensource developers can't have cars and houses right, that's reserved for people that work on proprietary applications only?

    Go look up Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation on wikipedia or what have you if you're interested in what they do with the money.

  • Google​Browser - What an idea!

    What he's refering to is that google pays a little sumin-sumin to firefox whenever a user searches google using the built-in search box; They get in on the ad-money for ads clicked on the result pages.

    It's like those pages that have "search this page, search the web" kind of search setup that just goes to a somewhat customized google.

    Mozilla once disclosed that they earn in the $50-$100 mill range for in revenue from the search.

    Regarding the toolbar fud: That is only if you install the firefox from the google pack, or from google, or perhaps other people that bundle the fox. By default none of that is there, it has nothing to do with mozilla.

    > "what you really taught mozzilla are spending so much effort on Firefox out of goodness of their hearts? lolz"

    Yes. It started as an OSS project, it still is, the deal with google didn't happen until much later (it was named phoenix then firebird for quite a while until the name firefox - had to do with name collisions). They also pay and hire quite a few notable contributors to the project. I really don't think you can question the intentions of the mozilla foundation as yet.

  • An LLC

    There's a few minor issues as I see it:

    • You need to change the "Join Us" link colour on the 'who we are' banner-logo-thingamabob, or simply keep it white. Also you should only display that on the front page, in my opinion.
    • Contact Us should not be a pop-up. Neither should product descriptions.
    • The copyright and the links at the bottom looks malplaced, in that they're not aligned with each other, or centered.
    • I'm a bit dubious as to the stars on the technology page, it doesn't seem all that professional to me. I assume it means "preferred", but you'd only show techs you are competent and comfortable with, right?
    • The font used for the subheadings on services is a bit too big, making it wash a bit with the title and the content - Make it a bit smaller, or place it just under the border. Also, you need more spacing between each section, like you have on technology and products.
    • You might want to show a screenshot with each product on the products page. Add some life to it.
    • Not very professional with "validate xhtml/css" links. This is something you put on your blog or personal website perhaps, but not a business site.

    Other than that, it has a very aesthetically pleasing look and it reads well. The design might be a bit boilerplate, and reminds me of the mozilla.com site. But designs don't have to be new and amazing to be good.

  • Youtube Videos on C9 - Who wants it?

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    prencher wrote:
    ...My preferences in no way conflict with yours, so I do not understand why you try to force your values on me. We can both have our cake and eat it too.

    Who said I was trying to force my values on you? All I did was ask if the c9 team would allow us to post videos from non-soapbox sources. YOU came in and started talking about censorship, etc. That's another topic in and of itself. I agree with you though, I would prefer the option of enabling/disabling filters.

    I don't turn a blind-eye to authorities. "Just do as we say because we say so" doesn't fly well with me. So I agree with you, if a filter-feature were implemented, that would make me even happier...but I suspect that feater would take more work to implement than a youtube-embed feature.

    Friends again?

    Well I do apologise.

    The paragraph about filtering was in relation to the whole "BJ" discussion, where I interpreted your mentioning of filtering on this forum, as a built-in censorship/filter feature. I blame my developer mindset. Wink

    Good moderation is absolutely crucial on active forums, but it should be on the shoulders of a user enabled filter to "moderate" out profanity if they do not want to see it. There is a difference between someone saying 'fsck' and someone trolling after all Smiley

    It sounds like we agree on the approach though.

  • Youtube Videos on C9 - Who wants it?

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    prencher wrote:
    YouTube embeds? No thanks.

    Regarding censorship and filtering: No thanks. At least give us the option to turn it OFF. I don't have this anal retentive fear of 'bad words', and I don't live in a country where the government thinks it can tell me what words I can and cannot use in public.

    Unfortunately we live in a world where things need to be filtered and censored to keep things civil. You may be a fan of anarchy and anti-authority, but I certainly am not. If that is the type of country you want, then I welcome you to go find that group and enjoy yourself.

    If we didn't have the filtering and censorship we have right now, this forum would quickly overflow with spam and kiddie-nonsense; then you could kiss your intelligent conversations goodbye for screen full of pr0n-links and FKU USCK's from the mouths of 12 year old who never got spanked.

    I live in Denmark, which like most countries in Europe have no censorship and we are arguably much more civil than the US. Now this is not to sound patriotic or start a "my country is better than yours" flamefest, but arguing we need censorship to stay civil is an outright fallacy.

    We have moderators for what you describe above, and that is certainly not something we'd want to be without. This however has nothing to do with being able to disable something that filters out words someone else has decided they do not like. It should be a user setting.

    While we are on the subject of filtering and censorship, I would like to be able to filter out videos and images from posts; Other people will not want this, and that's fine; This is why it should be a user option, just like censorship.

    My preferences in no way conflict with yours, so I do not understand why you try to force your values on me. We can both have our cake and eat it too.