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  • AFDS Keynote: Herb Sutter - ​Heterogeneo​us Computing and C++ AMP

    @charles: Nope. I already heard that too often to be able to believe that. Is there any reference? ISO, ECMA? Or is there just the claim?

    I also witnessed the claim, that the PPL will be super fast, which it isn't in the most cases. Where's the performance improvement for the combinable class? When are you going to invest in a better implementation of the PPL? Or is C++AMP the new PPL? Will you introduce an EASY migration path?

    Until there are less than 3 implementers of this "Open Spec", this is again a huge step in the wrong direction.

  • AFDS Keynote: Herb Sutter - ​Heterogeneo​us Computing and C++ AMP

    Microsoft again late to the party?

    C++AMP only addresses a very small niche within the community of C++ developers: Those that have only customers with Windows machines, customers that do not run XP anymore, customers with DX11 gfx cards and developers that don't utilize the GPU yet.

    It's again Windows only, because it's an "open" standard based on some obscure Microsoft technology.

    I've used the PPL in VS2010 but I must admit that I was shocked to see that it performed way worse than Intel's TBB, OpenMP and even C# in several performance critical parts of my code.

    Maybe Microsoft should have a look or two at some "old" technology (PPL), your customers rely on.

    What strikes me most although is the fact that Herb Sutter's mantra was "forget about the GPU when it comes to parallelism". What led to that change?