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  • Bill Crounse - Talking hospital tech with CIO of Overlake Hospital

    This was a terrific video, with a great subject matter. As someone who sells to hospitals and clinics, I gained a lot by listening to the CIO and the physician. Their concerns about technology are different from one I might expect.

    Great questions from Robert. They hit some areas that are especially important, like HIPPA, privacy, efficiency and others.

    My only criticism is Robert's nervous laughter. It was quite loud and out of place in this environment. Perhaps it was because of the microphone placement. It was distracting. I would recommend trying to tone that down.

    Great video, my favorite on Channel 9. You should interview more CIO's. They are sometimes the most interesting subjects. How about Microsoft's CIO? Boeing? Washington Mutual? All are big users of Microsoft technology. Go for it!