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  • Requirements Management and Traceability with Visual Studio Team System 2010

    I have the same problem that I cannot quote the piece I want to reply on. 

    Anyways, my question to Siddarth is if you want folks to seriously consider using the requirements management feature of TFS, you should not always depend on third party integration. It is difficult to justify a full fledged requirements management tool together with TFS. It is great to see that you can have hierarchy of requirements and link them to tasks and testcases. The question I have is , Is there any support for modeling say an activity diagram and link an activity in the activity diagram to a requirement (say Feature). For example, I can create an activity diagram to capture a business process and link individual activities in the diagram to one or more features and then features to requirements. 

    I think the rich text editing withe TFS gives a good opportunity to enter requirement details within TFS itself. 

    Another related question is you guys have also the Sketchflow tool to quickly design and prototype user interfaces, is there any traceablility between Sketchflow and requirements in TFS?