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  • Brian Beckman: Project Quark - A New Beginning for Quantum Computing Rises from the Ashes of Theoret

    Quantum AetherDynamics identifies subatomic particles as angular momentum encapsulated in a quantum, rotating magnetic field that we identify as the Aether. We show that the fundamental constants in physics have an exact value based upon this quantum-scale, dynamic Aether (the Aether unit has a precise value equal to Coulomb's constant times 16pi²).

    Already, from first principles, the Aether Physics Model provides a new foundation for physics, accurately predicts the relative strengths of the forces, and the 1s “orbital” electron binding energy for all the elements.

    The Aether Physics Model is stunning in that it mathematically predicts and explains the
    measured values of physics with striking precision.

    Now that the Aether Physics Model quantifies the quantum structure and we have produced our first set of equations, the analysis must develop further until it explains all aspects of the atom. We should then be able to quantify the structural aspects of associated molecules. Beyond a revolutionary paradigm of the fundamental laws and taking the disciplines of science to a new level, practical applications of availing the Aether could include benefits to humanity such as anti-gravity, clean energy, and fully developing biotechnology and nanotechnology.

    With Quantum AetherDynamics a new age of quantum computing can begin.