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  • Native Parallelism with the Parallel Patterns Library

    Hey Jason, I wouldn't know since I haven't tried that yet. The resolution of the iPod is 480 x 320 so chances are low. But I still wouldn't mind to give it a try and report back if you find the time to convert an episode.
  • Native Parallelism with the Parallel Patterns Library

    Just a more general question. What is up with the format of the recent vids? I would like to see them on the iPod, but only a 'screencast' download is available.
  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    I like the way LINQ is implemented. But I find myself searching for some rather common data related funtionality though.

    LINQ obviously abstracts the act of retrieving data away and allows for a declarativ programming style.

    But almost any application also needs to update existing and insert new persisted data in databases.

    I guess that developers for now still need to interact directly with ADO.NET? Are there any researches going on in the field of declarativly adding/updating data, for example as extension methods on Collection<T> and Table<T>?