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  • Windows 7 Graphics – High DPI

    i totally agree. DPI is a screen calibration setting, not a "zoom" setting. besides the lack of hardware (high dpi screens) available, and the lack of Windows handling high DPI correctly (or easily for the programmer), i think that the confusion caused by the poor naming and poor explanation of windows dpi has really held back the high dpi world.  If your screen is 144DPI, then the OS should be set to 144DPI. After that, if you want more "screen realestate", there should be a separate setting to reduce the size of UI elements (font sizes, width of title bars, icon sizes, etc).    UI designers and programmers should be designing their UI around the inch (or centimeter) instead of the pixel.


    the high dpi world is in shambles with so much misinformation and misconceptions around. but what do i know? my opinion doesn't matter at all.