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  • InfoCard - Deep Architecture

    I may be too late already, but ...

    please don't give this a 'branded' name like 'Windows Live Identity Service' or similar!

    It needs a nice, generic, one-word name like... well, like Infocard. Yes, I noticed that Infocard is trademarked. But please try to get your naming gurus thinking along those lines anyway, or redouble your efforts to get the use of Infocard, or something.

    We need to think of our network identity management systems in simple, generic, worldwide terms. The minute someone uses this as a branding opportunity, no Average Joe will be able to remove all the MS-only connotations from his mental model.  

    Seriously. I can think of no better way to kill this initiative than to treat the naming process as another Microsoft/Windows/Office/MSN/whatever branding excercise. Make it simple, make it generic, make it something that you could easily see turning up in a dictionary as a single entry!
  • Raymond Chen - PDC 05 Talk: Five Things Every Win32 Programmer Needs to Know

    Message to Mr. Scoble -

    I'm hard of hearing; this video was pretty much a complete loss for me because of the poor audio. I think I made a similar comment about another video in your mudpit a few months back.

    If you were to add subtitles or get wireless mics and put them near speakers mouths, it would make a BIG difference for people like me!

    Too bad; I'm a big fan of Raymond's stuff. I would have loved to be able to understand what he was saying!