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  • Defrag Tools #128 - Networking - Part 1

    Cool talk! Always good to hear that there's others out there who still know how a 10Base2/BNC cable looks like :)

    One little thing - when Andrew was talking about the subnet mask on his box - with a /23 mask ( the range is 512 addresses and not 4k.

    Looking forward to watching pt. 2!

  • Defrag Tools: #8 - Mark Russinovich

    @DeepInsideTheDeathStar: Great series, great show! Keep it up guys! I´d really like to see a bit about malware hunting with the Sysinternals tools.

    @Mark: I really don´t know how you manage to keep all the balls in the air ... just astounding! "Zero Day" & "Trojan Horse" = movie material! Am still a little annoyed though that i can´t purchase "Operation Desolation" for my kindle. Still says "Not currently available" (seems that Amazon doesn´t like to sell in Germany?!?!)

    Cheers and all the best!