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  • Scott Guthrie: Inside Silverlight 3

    This really sounds great! I can't wait for my VM to install and configure.
    BTW. I just jad an idea, MS has SQL CE and it is just files, SL has a local storage for files. It would be really great if SL had a SQL CE driver built in and all SQL APIs exposed. That would be really killer feature for offline apps. No need for g***** gears.
  • This Week on C9: IE8 RC1, Windows 7, SDKs, and zombies may be attacking

    Grat show as always. Hey, did you guys make it shroter? It is second or third time in a row when the show is less than 20 minutes.
    By the way. For last few days I experience some issues with videos in silverlight player. After few minutes video sudenly stops and when I seek to other position following error appears:

  • Inside IE 8 RC1 with Dean Hachamovitch and Jason Upton

    I have noticed one more major bug. I'm doing lot of Flex and Silverlight development. The problem exists when running IE8RC1 as default browser for Flex Builder debugger. When closing IE8 the process stays running almost all the time. Processor usage is 0% but message usage goes up to 155MB/process. Sometimes I notice I have like 8 of those hanging in memory.
    This happens on Vista Ultimate 32-bit.
  • This Week on C9 MS Q2, Obama Photosynth, Win 7, Web Platform Installer, Raymond Chen

    Awesome as always, really appreciate Managed Taskbar Extensions project link.
  • This Week on C9 MS Q2, Obama Photosynth, Win 7, Web Platform Installer, Raymond Chen

    What do you want them to say? I don't think they are in the best position to say anything. If you want some inside info go to mini microsoft blog and read comments.
  • Chittur Subbaraman: Inside Windows 7 - Service Controller and Background Processing

    Are you using kaspersky anti-virus software with your win7? I noticed it is little bit dodgy. If yes you should configure your anti-spy and web av or change to avg Smiley i had trouble with internet connection on win7 as well but once i configured kaspersy it worked fine.
  • Jump into the Windows 7 Taskbar Jump Lists

    Great video. I'm watching PDC video as well and wanted to ask - is there any place where the code demoed at PDC can be downloaded? Specially that shell managed wrapper? I'm trying writing my own but I'm not very advanced native developer Smiley
    Once again, great video, great idea behind jump lists.
  • This week on C9: Oxite, Mona Lisa, Pool hacks, and Coding4Fun Gifts

    Synergy is really great piece of software. I'm using it for about 2 years now. You can set up 9 screens next to each other in the simpliest setup. What is really great, it is cross platform. You can operate Linux box(es), Windows box(es) and Mac box(es) at the same time with one mouse and one keyboard.
  • Ray Ozzie: Reflections on Azure

    PDC 2008 is really great event. I wish I could be there, in LA to witness what Microsoft is doing.

    I’ve been developing with Flash and Flex for few years and now with Silverlight 2 as well. Last year, December I attended Artists in Residence programme at Microsoft Campus. We learnt there about Silverlight 1 and little bit about upcoming Silverlight 2. But as the months passed I started being sceptic where all these RIA things are going, not only with Silverlight but also with Flex and AIR. For a long time we’ve seen shifting from the desktop to the browser based apps. Then, when Adobe Flex took over that trend was even more noticeable. Next Adobe released AIR. I think many people was like “what? So you’ve been telling us the web is the way and you want us to shift back to the desktop?” But this year’s PDC makes it clear, at least for me. There is no boundary. Everything is one huge ecosystem, across devices, across operating systems, based on widely-accepted standards such as REST, SOAP. No need for things like AMF... SOAP and REST work well with AJAX applications. Perfect. We can leverage these for next gen apps. Silverlight is getting strong, with all the great controls released by Microsoft it is real competitor to other technologies. I’m sure we all will see many SL applications popping out all over the world shortly. Silverlight, WPF, Mesh, Live Services, Windows Azure, Windows Vista or 7, there is even space for Flex there as long as developers use well accepted standards. The confusion is gone. I’m back on track now. You guys rock.

    BTW: what Microsoft and BBC did on iPlayer is really great stuff.
  • Windows Azure: Cloud Computing in Application Services

    Not sure if you understand the idea of Azure but what is the point of having the cloud in your data center? You can deploy win2008 with whatever you need if you want OS in data center.
  • Christian Kleinerman: SQL Server 2008 for Developers

    This is just amazing! All these features will make best database engine even better.