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  • Benko on the Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Looks better than Magic Mouse from Apple. Is it going to work with osx?

  • Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Keynote with Scott Guthrie

    That IIS media streaming to devices looks really good. I remember working on something similar, it had 2 working names - mono.flv and FLVDelivIIS7. It has been demoed to Microsoft employees in Reading, UK and has been demoed at ReMIX 08 in Brighton. There's a trace here: http://blog.monochrome.co.uk/2008/09/dont-want-to-wait-for-silverlight-3-to-get-your-flv-support/.

    We could never figure out how to transcode live video to devices in real time but transcoding prerecorded media was quite simple. Shame we could not get involved in this project but hey, who knows, maybe we have influenced something? Still have the source somewhere, might have a play with my version again Smiley

  • Ping 21: Gates & Ballmer talk Chrome, MS Office edits Google Docs, MS Retail, Natal is hiring

    Heh, Aplle vs MS. I'm actually about to buy a new laptop. And I'm going for Macbook Pro. I admit, I'm still going to run Windows on it and yes, it's gonna be windows development machine. But the reason I'm buying a Macbook Pro is so I can run any sort of OS I want - OSX, Windows, Linux. I mean, maybe Scott H may afford 4 different laptops, one for home, one for going out with the kid, one for when going to Africa and one that he gets sponsorship for from MS. I'm just a random dude, I want a good value for good money, I'm getting a Mac.


    Regarding Gates and Ballmer talking about Chrome OS. My 60 yrs old mother doesn't have a clue about SSD, HDD, 800MHz vs 633MHz RAM, she doesn't care about Windows 7 score, she doesn't play games, she doesn't use Word or Outlook. All she cares for is to run her computer every morning, have the broadband running, check the email, read some news. For that she doesn't need a Windows PC with anti-spyware, anti-virus running. She's using Linux at the moment, she's very happy and if I could get her a Google Chrome OS with a support that would be just perfect.


    ... and what Ballemr says is always funny. I was really disappointed when I didn't see him running out on the stage sweating, doing his monkey act, screaming "partners, partners, partners!" during WPC. That would be sooooo funny, but he failed.


    Regarding MS stores. I wish you luck guys, really. I just hope it's not gonna end up like "where do you want to go today" and the majority of the people is going to say "right, I'm heading to the coolness of Apple, the store on the other side of the road".


    Fingers crossed for project Natal. I think XBox, next to SQL Server is the best product that MS ever made.


    This is my personal opinion, it has nothing to do with the company I work for.

  • Silverlight support for Chrome and other site updates

    Hey guys, do you plan to enable support for Moonlight 2 preview?
    I just installed it and went to Silverlight.net, it works just fine with the top navigation there, any chance C9 could support it so I could stop donloading WMV files and just start watching?