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radlad radlad

Niner since 2011

  • Keynote #1

    @Kenny:yeah totally agree,personally i dont care what my OS looks like, but how well it works and how much resources are consumed in the process.

    It amuses me that the worlds fasination with being "beautiful" exists even in IT.



  • Keynote #1

    @Paul:and to Apple for the Unix ports

  • Keynote #1

    @iOSGrail:or for one of the numerous RC versions or shock horror, actually buy a completed product.


  • Keynote #1

    @MOM2Many:reformat and put Windows 7 back on and use this as an example for why installing a beta version of an OS on a computer you actually want to function properly is a bad idea in the future. 

  • Keynote #1

    @Michael Dzura: Yeah thats a good point you make there micheal I wonder about accesabilty concerns too with touch computing, I also wonder about RSI surely holding your hands out in front of you or looking down for 8 hours a day is going to cuase medical complaints.

    I assume someone smarter then me is working on solutions at the moment.