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  • Ping 100: HaloFest, Kinect you in Carbonite, Talking to the wall, Ping celebrates 100!

    Congratulations on #100! The show is always entertaining to watch (or at least have playing in a background tab Wink ). Can't wait until the exciting conclusion on episode #999!

  • First look at 5 features of IE9 RC

    Yeah, point #1 is slightly misleading. If the two windows are side by side on the same monitor, then yes, IE9 shows more screen space (about a "toolbars worth", as mentioned in the video). However, side by side maximized on dual monitors, the difference is reduced to a height of a pixel or two. The real difference is what is fit into the non-screen space. In Chrome, I have 6 full tabs, 5 built in buttons (back, forward, refresh, home, tools/options), a large url bar and 15 extension buttons. In IE9, I can only fit 3 full tabs alongside 5 built-in buttons (back, forward, home, favorites, tools/options) and a smaller (but still large enough) url bar. Other than that? A whole row of wasted space.

    This is a minor complaint though, and so far I am loving IE9!

  • Ping 50: Multi-Point Server, IE6 Funeral, 3 Designs for Windows Phone

  • Ping 37: SQL Server, WIndows 7, Bing, Google, Bill Gates Birthday

    Laura, I'm skeptical of your fandom when you refer to home plate as "home base".  Oh well, at least you're making Yankee fans look bad and not Mariner fans.  


    Also, I've noticed a couple times now that the video player doesn't respond well to going back in the timeline.  For instance, I wanted to go back and make sure that Laura actually said home base and I wasn't just hearing things, but when I clicked the time bar to go back a few seconds, I was met with a never-ending loading circle stuck at 00%.  I eventually had to refresh the whole page, which of course started the video over again.  Not sure if it's just me (I'm using Chrome, so maybe that's it?) or what, but thought I'd let you know about it.


    Enjoy the show, keep up the good work!