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raptor3676 raptor3676
  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    @cara9 sorry.  My bad! "Play to" works great just test it a moment go

  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    got it here in Colombia.  works great! but it's sad it cannot use "play to" my XBOX...

    btw:  where's my Channel9 Xbox app?

  • Twitter App for Zune Launches

    Well, It's great! now I only beg for a note taking app.  And while your at it, homebrew apps not to restart the zune after use would and silverligth support and be the cherry in the pie for the ZuneHD

  • Set Your Data Free

    This post says, and I quote :


    "Whether you manage your company's database, build applications for it, or both"


    Well I though that the SQL Server Express license forbids the use of it for production environments.  This posts looks like it is free for such purposes.

  • Announcing Channel 9’s first live broadcast - This Week on C9 this Friday!

    Cool! I stayed to work from home.  So I'll won't miss it!

  • Quick UI with WPK in Windows PowerShell

    I've been wondering, what's going to happend next year when .net 4.0 is out?


    I mean, for instance WPK as it is shown right now must work against WPF 3.5 (or .net 3.5/2.0).  How is it going to coexist with 4.0? PS2.0 is going to get stuck to .net3.5 until next version or is it going to be recompiled against 4.0.


    BTW, congrats, keep up the uber cool stuff coming to PS2.0!!

  • TWC9: Office Engineering, Zune HD app, .NET Audio Recorder

    Well sure I have.  it's a LOB application for my own business.  It's a healthcare application focused on teleradiology, WinForms writen in C# and deployed with ClickOnce.  The audio part is meant for radiologist so they can make dictations and then transcriptionist can hear them and make a report out of them.  For upcoming versions I'm planning to add imaging capabilities based on DeepZoom for bandwidth constrained scenarios.


    It uses SSH as secure transport for both business logic and file transfer between the clients (4 at this time, 2 more waiting, up to 15 users) and the server in the headquarters.


  • TWC9: Office Engineering, Zune HD app, .NET Audio Recorder



    Thank you so much... I usually watch this show and all other content in a regular basis, but this is the first time C9 actually saves my @ss.   The .NET Audio tip, couldn't came in a better time


    Thanx again Big Smile

  • What is Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 Support Strategy?



    Absolutely, love C# for the same reason.

  • What is Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 Support Strategy?

    You can write a few shim methods for that especific duties with C# (it can handle pointer arithmetics)  or even C++ .NET if you need  more hardcore stuff (which I doubt you do with VB5/6), while reusing the rest of the code in VB.NET seamlessly.  Also taking a look to the System.Runtime.Marshalling, class is very usesful when dealing with allocations you metion or memory allocated somewhere else.


    Perhaps a if you can give I little example of the things you intend to do, I can help you more (although experienced, not that I am a guru by any strech of the imagination)


    Also I think that you are more affected by the fact that .net framework is type safe, and that VB inherited some of that on its pass to the framework.  And thats a good thing.  The fact that you have stabilized your product doesn't means that type unsafety is a good thing.