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raptor3676 raptor3676
  • Shared Folder log

    Hi Guys:

    I've got a Win2K3 server sharing some folder to a large number of users.  All of the logging in into it with the same user account.


    Do you know guys if there's a way to get a log from the server such that lists from which IP addresse's came a given file?

    I've been googling/binging on the subject with out success.

    Thanx in advance.


  • HTTP Download

    Hi everyone:

    As part of my current project I'm working on using C#.  My assigment involves to download files (some of them quite large) from an HTTP server, I know this is not rocket rocket science specially in .net world.

    So while I can succesfully download  the files, my issue is that no method I've tried including the built in WebClient class can match the speed when I try to download the same file using IE or any other web browser.

    Of course the question is if any of you guys how the browsers download the files and how can I implement such a method in C#?


    Thanx in advance,



    PS: Yes I've googled/binged this to no success so far.

  • RIP Zune

    Totally undeserved! ZuneHD got such high functionallity and quality standards, that I think it still can beat any other portable media player to death, and spit in its carcass, just by putting them side by side.  It was the pionneer of the metro style UI after all.

    Saddly it never got the cool factor among common users, perhaps the old "too late" thing has something to do there.

    @Jim Young: It is not always suitable to replace an ZuneHD with a mango phone, just because the battery life, or you plan to hace 2 phones? Wink

  • does winRT eliminate viruses?

    well, provided that it depends on how and what is sandboxed.  My take is that it will not be totally inmune to malware, but certainly more resilient, at any rate, an security improvement.

  • Who to follow for //Build

    Besides the official broadcast, follow the hashtags #build and #bldwin.  http://buildbloggerbash.com/ for good blogger analysis, we'll be a good idea too.

    I've already planned my schedule for tomorrow:  I pushed ahead an early meeting I have with a client, then suddenly and unexpectedly an emergency is going to happen at my apartment forcing me to return too it half an hour before the keynote begins,  when I get to it, I'm going to plug my laptop into my HDTV so I can see the keynote live broadcasting and related tweets in it, while I pretend I keep working on the laptop's regular screen.

  • Microsoft, its a time to create your Brand Computer

    While I undestand MS position regarding its Windows ecosystem, I have to give credit to Dovella: MS releasing its own computing (PC/Tablet/Phone) hardware keeps crossing my mind.

    Not like MS is going to do it but they should certainly be more agresive with OEMs, at very least a big time corporate letter, telling them "stop ruining the Windows experience with your cr@p, its your busines too to the one you are ruining".  And while they are at it start poiniting fingers and slaping someone on the face, for allowing device manufactures to create such major mess they eagerly call "device drivers" with their unconsistent and horrible GUIs, and anoying poping messages all the time, devices included in this complain goes from mouses, all the way to printers, passing through wifi drivers.  Couple of years ago I created a thread here on C9, regarding this issue.

    A good step in the right direction is the Microsoft Signature program, but they need to expand it much more, and quickly

  • London's burning

    All those riots in Europe (now London but remember Paris), seems to me to be rooted in boredom, some lack of attention disorder or punks trying to prove themselves to be badasses more than anything else...

    I mean they think they have problems? yeah right!

    Just get them all, take'em to Somalia and make them fight to protect the food supply lines so the UN can feed the starving people overthere, then they can say they know is like to have "problems".

  • California..​.

    @Sven Groot: LOL totally unintented!

  • California..​.

    Wow guy lot of great suggestions!

    if you got more, just keep 'em coming!

    And while attending an GTUG is too much geeky, all other are fantastic! visiting Endor? I'm totally in, I'm a Star Wars fan!!!


    Thanxx a lot!

  • California..​.

    Thanx for the quick replies!

    But I just realised I made a mistake.  Is not San Diego, is San Francisco!