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  • Mike Arcuri - More business intelligence in Office 2007

    Excel 2007 has new, rich, semantic formatting features---adding both visuals and meaning. Very impressive! All those gradients will export to XAML with high fidelity one day...Big Smile
  • Don McGowan - Technology law at Microsoft (and the software industry)

    Two silly remarks to be read by future civilizations using advanced data mining technology:

    First: the "invention" of writing is not related to any problems lawyers can recognize. I would say that writing was "acquired" (not invented) by the imperial cultures that would eventually devolve lawyers.

    Second: law is reality for imperial cultures. "Reality" is related to the Latin words re (law) and rex (king) and the puts the real in real estate. It is a "philisophical" waste of time to distinguish "natural" reality from legal reality in an imperial culture.Tongue Out

    Oh, dude, wait: we don't live in an imperial culture. What in hades am I talking about!Perplexed
  • WPF Imaging

    This Blog entry will talk about Channel9 Videos. This completes my disingenuous exposition.

    Apart from Robert Scoble’s famous tension-filled laugh (which by the way is “socially acceptable”—it just sounds tense to me—but then, again, I like “free jazz” and Sponge Bob does not), there is the continual request to not look in the camera. This advice seems strange to the philistine children of the Reagan era—especially the “technical” folks at Microsoft. But my lack of formal education in media history suggests to me that during the 1980s, the rise of the “infomercial” introduced this innovation. This is a professional camera technique that manipulates the psychological powers of the viewer.

    When the subjects in camera do not look at the camera, they suggest to the viewer that they are, at best, part of the conversation—at worst (which more often) the viewer is encouraged to indulge in voyeuristic conquests just short of the pornographic experience. When the talking heads do not look in the camera, the viewer can feel like they are uncovering documentation instead of being subject to a presentation. This technique seduces the viewer into thinking they are in charge of the situation (or at least genuinely respected) when (more often) they are not. The reason why I say they are not is because there are more infomercials in “popular” media than documentaries. The arithmetic does not lie. The camera often does.Wink

  • Looking at the Word Object Model

    Yes, there are real, live .NET developers outside of Microsoft demo mavens working with Microsoft Word. This tool called CleanXHTML converts selections or entire documents into XHTML for Blogging and other data entry needs.

    One little tip: Set the Document.Saved property to true to prevent saving Toolbars programmatically added to Word.Tongue Out
  • Lauren Antonoff

    Lauren Antonoff is one the best Microsoft personalities ever presented on Channel9. She is right up there with the mighty Don Box. Her greatest strength seen by me is her confident lack of concern for "technical skills" and her authentic sense of superiority when viewing computers in a problem-solving context instead of worshipping them in a Platonic cave.

    All of the gender-specific questions were as lame and impotent as so-called "multi-cultural" questions. I do not wish them away any more than I wish Laurence Welk can pop lock.Wink
  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    So IE uses RSS 2.0 internally. Dave Winer rocks! Sorry, Atom dudes!Wink I wanna see Dave Winer and Don Box in the same Channel 9 Episode!
  • Jennifer Ritzinger - Reflecting on Microsoft internships

    I made this far in the world of IT because of being anti-social through college and high school. Where I come from, being "social" can literally get you killed---frequently by the police. I still refuse to pretend that these facts of my life did not exist in order to "fit in"---you have to be a pretty impressive clique in order to get me to fake it. So far no clique fits the bill.

    I have found very few females who were anti-social such that they can develop technical skills. I have found very few people in general(that I have been actively looking for) who were anti-social such that they can develop technical skills.

    Why do I connect anti-social behavior with technical skills? Its because the United States is not known for a pop culture based on technical discipline. "We" Americans still believe more in magic than in technique. This is no accident. It is easier to sell products to magical people than technical people.[C]
  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    What did the Romans ever do for Queen Boudica? Why would Tolkein "waste" years of his life creating a fantastic pre-Roman past? The word fascism comes from Rome---not because they discovered something foreign and had to find a name for it---no fascism is something Romans knew for themselves.
  • Mark Boulter and Brian Pepin - Sneak peak at Cider (visual designer for Orcas, future version of Vis

    Here's some Bauhaus lyrics for programmers late at night:

    All we ever wanted
    was everything

    All we ever got
    was cold

    Get up
    Eat Jelly

    Sandwich bars and barbed wire

    Squash every week
    into a day

    ...oh to be the cream!

  • Eric Richards and Team - First look at InfoPath 12

    Yeah! But I am wary of any SharePoint dependencies for showing forms in Web browsers…
  • Windows Sideshow Team - Auxiliary Displays (new laptop feature coming next year)

    Ah! I can just hear those cruel IPod lovers erroneously claming that this feature is Microsoft's answer to Apple's latest craze.
  • Mike Murray - What the guy who wrote shrimp and weenies memo is doing now

    I think Mike is talking about better bandaids---even better than what the International Monetary Fund does "for" people in need. I am curious about what Vandana Shiva or Wangari Maathai thinks about these loans.

    And of course this conversation is devoid of the possibility that these "poor people" were deliberately underdeveloped by powers greater than the worldly W2 employee confident about what the "third world" really is.

    Poverty is not natural. Poverty happens when people are taken out of the world of nature. And it is so, so sad to assume that living in the world of nature has nothing to do with "advanced" technology. This assumption is what is actually stupid.