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I have over 21 years experience as an IT operations and strategy consultant, technical architect and enterprise infrastructure consultant in corporate environments. I have worked primarily in eCommerce enterprise projects, including Retail B2C, B2B, e-MarketPlace and e-Services since 1997. Previous to this I was focused on Financial Services industry projects. In addition to performing in both functional and technical architecture roles, I have led design teams, in designing and implementing a system based Project Management office. I have trained technical personnel in system design and how to design develop and deploy enterprise solutions using Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), Software Design Discipline (SDD) methodologies. As a lead technical Architect I have also provided enterprise application integration (EAI) and product life-cycle development solutions involving BizTalk and Project Server. In this capacity I was the functional and technical subject matter expert for the


  • Coding4Fun Kinect Service v1.6 released (Think the "WinRT clients!" release...)

    @Clint:Thank you Clint.  One would think that there would be a universal set of gestures,for instance,a TV remote control.   That would include a standard set of gestures for Play/Pause, Stop, Advance/Rewind, Menu.  Those core gestures in addition to standard navigation like scroll, page, select, etc...    That does not exist in the current SDK?

  • Coding4Fun Kinect Service v1.6 released (Think the "WinRT clients!" release...)

    Awesome and looking forward to spending down time between Christmas and New Year's learning how to use this to make something smart and fun. I am a total newbie. Is there a library of standard gestures for both the modern UI and the XBOX?  My requirement is that I need a standard set of gestures to control both UI's. I would also like to know what tools I should use (Languages and 3rd party). My first choice would be HTML5, but I wanted to know what the community would recommend.

  • Help Desk with Chris Pirillo on Channel 9 Live (Pilot Episode)

    Great service... Let's see how it rolls.  I would like to see something that is branded/focused on the home ecosystem, also something that can then be broadcast regionally from each MSFT retail store... So make it happen bobbbbbbbiiie    bbbbbb

  • Ping 45: Helping Haiti, Xbox taking over, Bing & Purge

    green is retro... reminds me of the old 3270 days... I like it...  I think the first comment is derisive (like the photo, and I am from NY, where we are polite, kind and mindful despite what everyone says, and we do real life smack down on trash talking avatars Smiley...


    re the video... Cool stuff... I think they should talk more about the Microsoft Ecosystem with a PC running windows as the center of that system.  Talk about the xbox plus a home server.  Xbox plus a laptop running windows 7 and media center.   Xbox by itself is great and will replace the TV set top box, but xbox + PC = Really cool interactive TV...