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  • Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2008

    Based upon the very poor vs 2005 experience we now have a company policy of never taking on any MSoft product until SP1.

    And in fact due to the falling level of quality accross the board and minimal user advantages we have decided to skip whole releases, vista for example ( XP suits us just fine), will stay with 2003 servers..
    Based upon our testing vs 2008 has not fixed the fundermantal flaws in the vb.net ( have not even bothered to fix the known problems)  so we plan to skip vs 2008 and re-assess the next release..

  • Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2008


    Have you fixed the following  vb.net large project issues:
    1. compiler crashes!!
    2. compiler actually compiles.. and not crash at run time for a linking/syntax error..
    3. go to sleep thread problems with multi core processors
    4. IDE Lockup with VSS
    5. IDE freeze when VSS updating ( > 30 minutes)..
    6. Have the WAP type IDE bugs been fixed, i.e broken sync with designer files, publishing bugs ( wrong files  vss2, debug etc problems).

    All of 1 to 5 were reported before VS 2005 release date!, but have not been fixed in SP1...

    So what about vs 2008..
    Also based upon vs 2005 experience when is vs 2008 SP1 due for release.. One would never again take a x.0 release of any MSoft product..