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raymond raymond
  • Hakon Strande - High Definition Audio in Windows Vista

    mwirth wrote:
    there really good audio quality on this one, in my option! i really like the surround capability of the video camera in use. comes across nicely on my headphones even.

    I am watching and listening to this video now and after raising the volume, had no problem with hearing the sound.

    However, I have noticed on several videos sound problems to the point that I stoped the video and exited.

    I suggest Microsoft purchase and use microphones for each person in the video to eliminate any sound problems in the future.Smiley
  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    A very insightful and revealing interview.

    One of Channel 9's best.

    We will miss you and your joyous laugh.

    Have fun and enjoy the sun.Wink


  • Rob Relyea - There's Something About XAML

    Thank you for the information.

    Still hope Channel 9 can interview Charles about XAML and Windows Presentation Foundation.

    Maybe Carl Franklin can get him on his Dot Net Rocks show as well.Tongue Out

  • Rob Relyea - There's Something About XAML


    Charles Petzold, the last I heard, is writing a book on XAML for Microsoft Press.



    Suggest a followup video with him on XAML and his thoughts on Avalon or Windows Presentation Foundation.Smiley

  • Michael Wallent: Advent and Evolution of WPF

    Great video, but I am still waiting for Sparkle!
    It has been a very long wait and I am still waiting.

    Suggestions for version release frequency:

    Stand-alone-applications (Internet Explorer): Every Year

    Tools (Visual Studio, Expression Suite): Every Two Years

    Office: Every Three Years

    Window Operating Systems and SQL Server: Every Four Years

    Five and six year waits are inexcusable. 

    Less features-more releases.

    Thank you again for a great interview.