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  • Linux Command Line on Windows


    • I updated to the latest Windows 10 beta
    • I enabled fast ring updates
    • I checked for updates
    • (I checked that PowerPoint and Visual Studio still function correctly)

    Now what?

    I'm giving a Global Azure Bootcamp presentation this Saturday, and I'd like to demo using git under bash, like Malte Lantin did in his Channel-9 series "Cloud-Hosting-mit-Azure-App-Service-Web-Apps/02--Continuous-Deployment-und-Verwaltung"


    I now see that the "NEW" latest version I downloaded from msdn, was in fact an older beta, version 14295 instead of the actual latest version 14316. Is it at all possible to update this to 14316, or do I need to reinstall my regular Windows 10 version now?

  • Taking Efficiency One Step Further - F#

    I t was very interesting. I was wondering if anyone knows the reason behind a specifict F# design decision.

    About the pipe operator: |>
    Why is a |> b c interpreted as a |> (b c) instead of (a |> b) c ? Isn't left to right most logical?

    A more specific example:


    let multiply a b = a * b;;

    let substract a b = a - b;;


    multiply 2 3 |> substract 10;;
    returns 4

    so it is interpreted as:
    multiply 2 3 |> (substract 10);;

    while it seems logical to interpret this as:
    (multiply 2 3 |> substract) 10;;



    furthermore, in response to the question from your audience, about inserting the middle parameter, you could have answerd:

    let answer a b c = a / b - c;;


    if you want to insert the middle parameter b,


    (multiply 2 3 |> answer 30) 4;;

    will yield the desired result...