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  • Windows Sideshow Team - Auxiliary Displays (new laptop feature coming next year)

    A few points: 1. Waking up a laptop should not take anything more than 6-9 seconds tops. This is means fully able to interact with an open application or access a website via an 801.11 network connection. Which I do on my laptop. 2. Who uses a laptop to listen to music?? Isn't that what mp3 players are all about? Laptops are either being used to work on email or work on some type of document that falls within the Office document realm (spreadsheet, word processing, preso) And then of course there are those who use the laptop to watch a DVD movie, but even that use is diminishing with portable like the iPod that can play video. Scobelizer, you need to get a portable mp3 device if you are listening to podcasts on your laptop! So I'm not convinced that this auxillary display has been justified. I think someone in the display manufacturing business is looking at pushing more 3 inch displays. Bottomline it sounds like Microsoft is looking at creating a new platform and convincing folks that they really want to access their laptop via a 3 inch window. Hmmmm..I'm not convinced....