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  • Customize Your Ribbon in Word 2010 in 90 Seconds

    Agree with rhm. 90 seconds is a long time, and it's not as if you do your customizations once. I'm sure most people will find things they need to add, or things they need to rearrange or remove as they go.

  • Windows Phone 7 Design

    I think too much time has been spent on thinking about how we can do something different rather than how can we allow the user to get something done efficiently. Strange that Microsoft of all companies has decided to take this drastic approach to the design of a phone when compared with Windows Mobile and


    The main problem I see is how do you know where you are and how do you know what your navigation options are? It feels like every screen you visit you have to "explore" to find a particular function, rather than having a menu bar (such as the icons at the bottom of iPhone/Android) to find the appropriate screen of functionality for a certain task.


    Personally I love typography too (one of the things which frustrates me about Windows Cleartype snapping to pixel boundaries rather than rendering as the font designer intended), however I feel that the heading text being partially cut off on nearly every screen is a little messy. I think I would feel frustrated looking through a display at a large piece of content. Deep zoom might help with this.


    Also, the ability to write managed C# apps for the phone is awesome, however from what I have seen this looks extremely consumer focused. Everything demonstrated so far is about social networking rather than productivity. I think we need some sample implementations of typical applications to show developers how to use this "language" and how they can acheive simple tasks such as displaying lists, where to put buttons, etc.



  • New Features in Microsoft Word 2010

    Paste Options Icons

    Paste preview is great, well done, however changing the Paste Options from text to graphics was THE WORST decision ever, and will only slow people down. Is there any logical justification why this design decision was made? My only thought is that by using cryptic icons that no-one would be able to work out what they did, will cause people to hover over them in order for MS to show off their new paste preview. I personally can not ever remember what these icons mean and have to use trial and error (or now I can use hover and waste a couple seconds every paste). Also, in the paste drop-down in the ribbon there is really now lack of space. (I can understand using the icons in the right-click hover due to space constraints, however I would have preferred another menu).


    See for yourself:








    Ribbon Customization

    Customizing Office is slower/harder than it was in Office 2003 (But I almost feel like I should be glad we have it at all, as it was left out in 2007). There are so many more clicks, drop-downs, dialogs to navigate through and there is no live preview of what your new ribbon will look like. I do not understand why small things are so difficult for Microsoft. With no adequate competition in the Word processor market, who cares right? (I know I'll be buying it regardless).


    Please add drag drop customization.


    Options Dialog

    Please fix this dialog.


    1. Why is it not integrated into the backstage?

    2. Who on earth can find anything in this dialog? I find myself scrolling through every page to find something.

    - Remove the scroll bars (really really bad design decision or lack thereof) and have a tree-view on the left and add a search box to find the option you are looking for straight away!


    Options Dialog


    Microsoft can make great products, but things like this just make me wish there was some decent competition. Until then, looking forward to the release.


    PS. The outliner is excellent, well done.