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  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

    Great Site- a few tweaks here and there - and it will really take off....

    Now for some side humor (laugh or don't laugh)

    I guess 2 guys didn't get the memo-
    It is Black Shirt Day. Smiley
  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    Thank you for responding so quickly... I think that this is exactly what Microsoft needs. They always ask the question How can we make the product better? But it is always after the product is done then have to go back and rework things and changes into it. This usually causes bugs and errors. But now if the product was still in development then they can be avoided. Not to mention it is always nice when you can associate a face with a product. Where it then becomes more than just Oh it is a Microsoft product...where you can when you goto purchase it and say - Oh I remember when "bill and ted" were talking about this it should be nice.
  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    Everyone says that you crack people up--- Only issue I have is that I am on dial up internet and the video does not show even after 1 hour of allowing it to attempt buffering. I was wondering if possible that you could have a link on the page possibly for downloading a transcript of all the videos that way we as the dial up user can still enjoy some of the content provided in video form.