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redvamp128 redvamp128

    I have a few in storage also with the cable internet connector not just the Cat5e  LOL:P

  • Xp Pro System Restore

    I have used it with some degree of success- To note when I do a restore point- I always do the following- Reaply any update that was installed after the date on the restore point. I also do a full scandisk- mycomputer- find drive- right click- choose properties- Tools (tab) then Scandisk check now- checkmark both boxes- and reboot. as soon as that check is done I then do a defrag just to make sure evertything is smooth.

    The one thing to remember is that should you get a virus on your system- before you attempt to remove it you have to disable the system restore- so the Antivirus software has to have access to the file store to disinfect it.

  • How should Media Player be improved?

    FOR WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 9 I know it works for me on builds 3xxx and up - The CTL-I (eye key) but does not work when the player is at full-screen- It brings up a capture mode.

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this feature-

    I would like to see like a play as ghost feature on my desktop similar to that of the Ati Dvd so I can see what song tittle is playing next without it having to overtake what I am working on.

  • OT - A Forum member needs your help - Email

    Well hope this helps- I know with my ISP they have for thier email some spam filters... also along the lines of hotmail...Some will filter out for examp

    TEST MESSAGE (subject line)

    the all caps used for some filters.

    YOU are #1 and and Tops in the Field!!!!!!
    The use of the punctuation.(!!!!!)

    (LOL) or Blank Subject lines.
    They filter those out for the use of ( ( ) ) and the blankness.

    Also sometimes mail for example depending on the server can take up to 24 hours to be posted- because of updates and network traffic.

    So it is possible the mail you are not getting could fall into those categories.

    Also if your email has a bulk mail folder sometimes the limits on that do not allow for incomming traffic.

  • The First Computer You..

    Well my first computer would have had to either been a Commodore A followed by an IBM AT...Then the IBM PC JR CLONE. And there were some Commodore 64/128 along the way. Upgraded the AT to an XT... Then a IBM M46....Ibm personal/2 M30 286... then a few assorted ones here and there.

  • Gravity Probe B

    Well if this proves true then people who have traveled to the dark side of the moon via rovers would that not make them time  travelers since the moon itself would warp time- I am not into physics but based on what the earth does time and space but would not the moon do so also?

  • Google OS

    Well here is something that possibly you may or may not have seen. So have fun with it Smiley


  • Too Much Monkey Business

    you also neglect to mention- That Microsoft gives back as well.

    Computers for Schools- Software for charity organzations- not to mention the investments in people sutch as scolarships for underprivilaged and top standing students.

  • Visual Studio Core Team Biographies

    Well overal I like the idea- and the adding of the peoples RSS feed if they have a blog is great.

    Got a curious question have not counted them- but overal what is the Female to Male Team Members ratio.
    I am still trying to disprove the "Homer Simpson is a programer theory"http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=300

    Also have another question- you may have to converse with your team. Overal how many hours do you people spend in your office (at work working)? Or Do you rotate as a shift?

    Also posting your teams bios also shows the great statement that JewelyaZ stated"There ARE lots of smart women who work at Microsoft, I promise you. "

    Followed by the comment Charles made...."
    This is absolutely true! We need to do a better job of making this obvious. Stay tuned for upcoming videos of the female brains behind the scenes. With what we've posted so far, you'd think only men work at Microsoft... Time to change this pattern."

    So by your team posting thier bios up this helps.

  • Outlook for the whole family.

    Does not Outlook have a backup utility you can download. Then all you have to do is after you close outlook make a backup and place it in the shared folder- then all she has to do is restore from the backup on her account- that way it will kind of maintain 2 of the same account. Unsure if it would work for what you are doing- But it is a way I worked around having multiple boot partitions and multiple outlooks so to speak for keeping all of them on the same sheet of music.

    For me since I test I save my backup to a totally different partition seperate from the operating system so that in the event I have to reinstall or crash I don't loose all my data.