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  • Give me your best Windows diagnostics tips!

    THis I have found is one of the best guides to your bios and what the settings mean.



    I think it may be a bios issue- you should possibly check for a bios update- I don't recomend flashing them unless you know what you are doing but- possibly have a look at your motherboard manufacturer site and see if there is possibly a bios update

  • Give me your best Windows diagnostics tips!

    For me I start with the basics.

    Event Log-Virus Scan- Spyware Scan- Quick trip to Windows Update- Check for updated drivers (VIDEO/MOBO)-Bios Settings- Scandisk full- then also if it is freezing then I usually check out these helpful pages.





    Then if it was running good at one time- Check for System Restore points-

    And for those Really Nasty Hangups...before reformat and reinstall

    Put your Xp CD into the tray...cancell out of the installer-

    goto the run command type - SFC /Scannow (replace when prompted)

    also check the MSconfig for anything starting up that should not be.

    Not to meniton also if it is a hangup - try a different theme- Like classic to see if it is a system hangup or not.

    Windows Install issues-
    Cut back to just the basics-
    Video card and cdrom- also try downloading the install floppy disks-
    (no sound-nic-or modem-) PNP can take care of those later
    Memory- if you got alot of memory- sometimes that can cause install issues-
    if you have 2 sticks of 256mb then only use one  
    or if you have 2 sticks of 512mb then only use one.

  • 3rd time is not a charm when logging in to windows

    On the lighter side it may be to stop this (humor but please click)
    To Stop CATS from taking control of your computer.


  • Does anyone else not like Service pack 2?

    You Should actually do more than put it here. Report it as a bug and I am sure the XPSP2 team will take your concerns more into consideration.


  • What is a the latest build LH?

    I think it is something that everyone is curious about. Speculations run wild as faked and real screenshots roam through sites. It would be nice since version numbers change I am assured on a daily basis to know what number the build is. It does not give away any secrets as to progress and or state of development. But it does for people outside Microsoft the curiosity factor of what is the build number of the day.

    Speaking on the issue of build numbers- that raises question.

    How for example is each build determined?
    we saw for example with Direct X versioning-
    DX 8.1,9.0,9.0a,9.0b and then we also saw minor changes in the ending numbers.
    Is there a signifigance to where and what is changed?

  • Well, isn't this ​interesting.​..

    You also neglected to mention how Microsoft gives back to the comunity. Be it Bill Gates giving to charity. Or how Microsoft gives computers and operating systems to schools or non-profit organzations. We kind of seem to for some reason glance over these things when we read the news. That is just my opinion.

  • Roll call - tell us who you are!

     I beta test software-  not just Microsoft but also test software for Antivirus Companies as well as some Financial Productivity Companies.

    My job is as a Backup Network Admin. (Fancy term for an under paid Admin).

    MY favorite phrases

    - you know it has a memory leak when you are doing this right?

    What did you make today so I can have it broke by tommorow?

    ....oh no I crashed it already.. the fun is over...now you take it back to fix it....
    Does this interface come in other colors?

    Do you think you add this content....?

    you want me to find that document but you can't remember the name? New Microsoft Word Document.doc right? found in search a total of 111 times.

    How many times can a user edit his/her own post?


  • Your System Specs.

    Home-(the ones I mainly use)

    850mhz Classic Slot A AMD
    80Gig HD
    Quad Boot XPSP1,XPSP2 (2082),XPSP2 (RC1),SBS 2003
    256MB PC133
    ATI 9600XT

    Server Home-
    1gig Duron
    2 180gig Hard Drives

    Dual AmD MP MSI K7D
    1 gig Memory
    80Gig Hard Drive
    ATI 9600
    TRI BOOT- Win2k SP4/WinXPSP1/WIn2k3 ENT

    Toshiba Portegee
    133mhz 64mb 2gig Hard Drive
    120mhz 64mb 4gig Hard Drive
    Win2k SP4

    And Yes I have noticed that trend... Home Computers become more powerful than work computers...interesting though seems as if buisiness is trying to cut corners here and there.

  • Easter eggs still allowed?

    Actually instead of hiding it just create an easy to use link to the acknowlegements like that in Internet Explorer that shows a fancy credits list.

    Help- About Internet Explorer- then click on Acknowlegements - (only while online) and it will wisp you to a page of credits.

  • Windows 2000 media file preview

    I think though not 100% sure but it was supposed to be part of the power toys. Shellplayer.exe is the file I think you may need. It was part of the power toys but then it was removed. I am not even sure now where you can obtain it anymore.