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  • .NET 4 Client Profile

    Okay, correct me if I'm wrong here:


    So if I want to write an app that uses HttpUtility.HtmlEncode or UrlEncode, the user needs to install the full framework, or I need to roll my own.


    A lot of users will be installing .NET twice per version. I can already hear tens of thousands of people screaming "but I thought I already installed .NET 4".


    I honestly fail to see how this is a good thing. More versions of .NET for embedded/mobile OSes would be nice, but more versions for Windows just seems silly.

  • Andrew Nurse: Inside "Razor"

    Hey cool, I'm in SFU CS right now. Did a job interview with Microsoft a few years ago, but I wasn't really close to graduating at the time.


    Bet you like and hate the same profs I do Big Smile


    Any chance of Razor ever working with F#? I'd imagine F#'s a big monster for something like this.




    By the way, F# could benefit from this thinking: "we're using the same parser at design time, and this is perfectly valid at design time; you don't want to lose track of your colorization..."

  • WPF Chart Control (from the perspective of summer interns)

    Oh yeah, the Kevin Button...
  • Singularity IV: Return of the UI

    Awesome, Singularity's public!

    Does anyone know where a list of commands is?

  • Vista Audio Stack and API

    And still no sign of C# wrappers... hmm...

    There are bits and pieces around various websites, but they all pertain to volume control, nothing on audio capture.
  • Singularity IV: Return of the UI

    moitoius wrote:
    Singularity is a kernel written in C#, not a shell. Although I can't see why they couldn't use the code from powershell once they have the code in the kernel nailed down and complete.

    I'd prefer that they don't; PowerShell's design philosophies go in direct opposition against Singularity's (and against .NET/Microsoft's in fact), namely in the fact that the PowerShell team carelessly encourages code to break down at runtime, and they don't honor very basic .NET standards such as Unicode for strings.

    Things like this and this are particularly bad.

    Jeffrey Snover wrote:
    PowerShell Scripts continue to use ".PS1".
    You might write a .PS1 script which takes advantage of a cmdlet/feature that is only available in V2. If you send this to someone that has PS V1, it will fail "in some way and at some time".
  • Singularity IV: Return of the UI

    Any more Singularity videos planned? Big Smile

    I'd love to see more.
  • Emily Rimas - Tablet PC Education Pack revealed

    Anyone get this working on Vista?
  • MultiPoint: What. How. Why.

    Much better.

    So much for the $100 Laptop stunt.
  • Singularity IV: Return of the UI

    Man, I'd so love to see my web server run on Singularity Big Smile

    Out of curiosity, that HTTP server is Cassini, right? How much modification did it take to get it running?

  • Bill Hill - A Hike Around Microsoft's Forests (Happy Birthday Video #5)

    "Now if you think it's hard doing a lowercase 'm' at 9pt or 10pt, try doing utsu (ÚČ▒), which has 8 horizontal strokes. If you have 8 horizontal strokes, you need 15 pixels to show them all, right?
    8 black and 7 whites between 'em. But at 10pt, you only have 9... or 14, or whatever. So what do you do there? Well the solution in the past was they embedded bitmaps. They had to do stroke reduction. Can't show all the strokes.


    The Japanese are just going to go ape. We've had incredible feedback from the Japanese government people looking at this."

    My dad's a designer; he did some typography stuff back when we were in Japan. He does publishing and printing now. Sure enough, he went ape when he saw Meiryo.

    Thanks, Bill.

  • Windows Sideshow Team - Auxiliary Displays (new laptop feature coming next year)

    Hey, just wondering... is the aux displays stuff still happening?

    Will I see laptops with aux displays next year?