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reinux reinux
  • Vista Backup and Restore center

    GoddersUK said:
    peter_x_farrell did you register here to to troll and spam our forums?

    If there's anything I *really* hate about Vista, it's the backup app. I like Vista even with all the peer pressure to hate it, but the backup UI is just absolutely insane.

    Have you ever seen the backup utility in XP? Sure it's a little more complicated but it has both Wizard and Advanced view, and it lets you do everything.

    It's fully featured -- shadow copies, incremental, differential, mark as backed up, scheduling. But they threw it out. For some unknown reason. Why couldn't they have simply improved the Wizard view in this app??

    And don't tell me the whole computer backup in Vista is useful -- it doesn't even allow for scheduling, while the otherwise unbelievably useless file backup does. Why??

    TechNet offers instructions on making scheduled whole computer backups though: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc137798.aspx

    Which leads me to another question: Why???

  • WPF 2.0

    Bitmap effects on hardware would be nice.

  • Vista Sleep mode

    That's only hibernate though. Sleep mode is suspend + hibernate on low batteries (default 5%).

  • Vista Sleep mode

    I find that the more applications I have open, the longer it takes for my computer to sleep. With nothing open, it takes a few seconds. With 20 Messenger windows open (don't ask why), it takes more than a minute. Similar results with no Messenger windows but a lot of IE/Visual Studio/Word/etc.

    Hybrid sleep is off.

    What could it be doing with these windows/processes that's making it take so long? Is there any way to speed it up?

  • ReadyDrive laptops

    Speaking of which, how much are they supposed to go for?

  • ReadyDrive laptops

    So I'm shopping for a new laptop/tabletPC, and I can't find the hybrid drive laptops!

    I heard they went OEM a couple months ago. Where are they?!

  • Evangelists​/marketers/​web ​editors/pre​ss: why not promote the Vista Upgrade Advisor?

    rexisrex wrote:
    @Irascian:I absolutely agree with you. The upgrade advisor is absolute crap or rather a Sham! I ran it from Vista Ultimate with Aero and Flip 3d enabled. Everything abt Ultimate is working in my Notebook but believe it or not the upgrader crap gave me a warning icon stating that my Nvidia 256 Mb graphics card needs upgrading as it may not support the Windows Aero experience. WTF??? I am sure the capitalistic Monopolistic Microshit Big Bully is at its best ever rip off game!All of you do yourself a favour: DONT EVER BASE YOUR DECISION OF A VISTA UPGRADE USING THE ADVISOR. ITS PLAIN RIP OFF AND NOTHING ELSE. As far I am concerned any damn PC bought a couple of years ago will be able to run Vista with AERO turned on. All thats needed is the Memory which shuld be 1 gb at the minimum and a WDDM driver supported graphics card. IMHO, This is a min configuration of a Multimedia PC even in the XP environment. Unless you have damn Old comp which you use to dry soiled currency notes, Vista should run on a Notebook PC with the foll spec:1 Ghz Processormin 1 Gig of RAM (This is what will make all the diff)A decent Graphics card.(No need to elaborate this point!)and you are thru to run that new (I need to watch my language)! 

    Take a deep breath and tell me how "capitalistic Monopolistic Microsoft Big Bully" is supposed to benefit from overestimating your system requirements.

    I have a nearly 4 year old Radeon 9600, Upgrade Advisor told me it will run Aero just fine, and here I am running Aero now. So the warning on your card is probably just a glitch.

  • Visual C# Express

    Amen. Amen.

  • Visual C# Express

    Speak of the devil... look what just showed up on Code Project!


  • Scoble, Please Read This

    Bas wrote:
    For some reason, I'm thinking that it would sound something like this.

    Which sorta sounds like this:

    <komugi> Vista is really nice
    <Kagari> I'll probably wait to get Vista
    <Kagari> screw Microsoft
    <Kagari> Vista is crap right now because it's so buggy
    <Kagari> and now
    <Kagari> MS is charging people to play online PC games
    <Kagari> what's that (I need to watch my language)
    <Kagari> Now they're paying off developers to port games to their shitty system
    <Kagari> I hate how they try to control all markets

    ...You know, it's really hard to stay on topic in this thread for some reason Perplexed