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  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    I will admit i'm a big Mac person, but i do love the concept of the UMPC. I had no idea that Microsoft was even working on this concept until i saw the Biz-news late last week. It's too bad that the flip-out keyboard (red/white model) is just a prototype that is a couple of years down the road (from what i have read). If i can download iTunes and ship over my Mp3, then i will definitely get this. Do you think this will happen? from the way this Otto guy was talking, you can run Windows Apps no problem. This would be perfect for me as a student and a soon to be teacher. As many have said, 2nd and 3rd gens wiill improve it leaps and bounds. I hope this wakes up Apple and gets them in the game!