Russell Fustino

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Niner since 2008

Russ wisely shelved dreams of rock and roll stardom in order to share his vast knowledge with developers nationwide. Given that he can’t sing or play an instrument, other than in Guitar Hero, we’re all very grateful. Russ has more than 25 years of software development. He’s the creator of the Russ' Tool Shed developer seminar series and has donned his trademark suspenders, hardhat and tool belt in presentations for over 100,000 developers at 1,900 events. Russ also has expertise in developing Visual Basic and Web-based solutions using Microsoft tools. Before joining Microsoft twelve years ago, Russ worked as a VB instructor, headed up a development department, and created several client/server applications and system software products. His specialties include development with VB.NET, XML Web services, ASP.NET, XNA, Silverlight, Development Tools and debugging. But make no mistake – Russ is not all brains. His big heart led him to establish Take a Swing at Cancer, Inc., a non-profit org