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  • Joe Stegman: Silverlight 4 - Out of Browser Evolves

    Is COM supported on OSX? I don't think so Smiley

  • Joe Stegman: Silverlight 4 - Out of Browser Evolves

    I love where and how you are going with Silverlight guys. I remember being in Bellevue 2 years ago and learning Silverlight 1! And we are talking webcam/mic support, printing support (which knocked out printing in Flash anyway) and many more innovative features.

    I agree on data storage options. I would love to see MSSQL CE support, AFAIR the driver is pretty small, maybe it could be included in SL4? Would be really great if it would allow creating SQL CE databases in IsolatedStorage.


    @wizardmat, on Windows you could try COM wrapper for SQLite?

  • Prism & Silverlight: Part 1 - Taking Sketched Code Towards Unity

    Yeah, just noticed, on the headphones earlier on I couldn't here the audio at all. Now I can hear it but it is really silent Smiley I found this to be an issue across c9 in general lately. Anyway, this looks like a great series, gonna have a late night tonight!

  • Prism & Silverlight: Part 1 - Taking Sketched Code Towards Unity

    Is the lack of audio planned? I mean, I don't mind but this looks somehow strange without audio?

  • The Access Show: Access 2010 demo of Access Services and web databases

    Great to see Access alive. I'm using Access for last two years to browse data from linked database and this is what I would vote for:


    1. When linking tables from ODBC datasource Access asks if I want to save the password. The problem is it asks for every table. And I have 60 tables. Painful. Would be great to have an option "Save for all".
    2. Data modification security option is annoying, give me the option to turn it off in Access settings.
    3. Next to the query design option on Create tab give me SQL view straight away. I write my SQL by hand. Clicking Cancel on Show Table and the right click on the tab to switch to SQL View is just awkward.
    4. Why can't I indent SQL code in SQL area with TAB?
    5. Results view when query is executed, please do it like in MSSQL Management studio, keep the SQL code visible all the time. If I have to modify the query I have to again right click on the tab, select SQL View and then to run the query switch to Design view (not always) and hit Run again! Why it has to be so painful?
    Other than that I don't need anything else. It is just small usability glitches.
    Keep up the good work!