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rhm rhm
  • Is Build just for Web or is WPF just that dead?

    WPF and Silverlight aren't dead in the same way MFC isn't dead - Microsoft added new features to WPF in VS2012  so nobody could say it is dead as such. It's just not being pushed by Microsoft any more and that's why there isn't lots of sessions on them at Build: because Build is essentially a marketing exercise - marketing technologies at developers.

    If it was a training exercise then sessions would be based around technologies that matter to most working developers e.g. SQL Server, ASP.NET, etc. instead of the shiny new stuff MS wants developers to use.

  • Microsoft Surface RT Reviews

    What I read in the reviews is people trying to be positive about Surface when considered as a piece of tech in isolation, but with the underlying tone of "we can't really recommend you buy this because as good as it is, it's still not as good as an iPad and there's f-all software for it".

  • F*ck! too soon

    Very sad news.

    (btw. the title of this thread isn't the best of tributes is it?)

  • Surface Pricing announced!

    Costs the same as an iPad + can only run WinRT apps from the Microsoft store == HP Touchpad 2.0

  • Nokia / Microsoft Event

    , dentaku wrote

    Oh. I guess it's 8MP.
    The video quality looks amazing too.
    Hopefully there are some usefull video editing apps for WP8.

    High performance apps like video editing should be possible on WP8 as it has native code support and a decent API instead of being hamstrung by the half-baked derived from Silverlight mess that was WP7.
    In fact the more I think about how good WP8 could be, the clearer it becomes what a massive waste of everyone's time and money WP7 was.

  • So I finally got round to trying Win8 on hardware

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    Bumping this since I noticed Hanselman's blog entry shows how to create a shutdown tile on the start screen, which is nice to know.


    That's handy. But this reminds me of when MacOS X Lion changed the scrolling direction of the trackpad to better match that of the tablets despite literally noone asking for this or even thinking it was a good idea after the fact. I'm like "thanks for the blog post, but I'd prefer not to pay for an OS upgrade and then have to google a solution to un**** the dumb UI changes in it". I'm still using Snow Leopard on my Macbook Smiley

  • Windows Store now open for quantity?

    The whole fact that the apps have to be written for Metro means that all the quality software that already exists for Windows will be excluded. When you need people to write new apps, most of them initially are going to be trivial and written by amateurs because that's what's takes the least time. It's what the iPhone App Store was like to begin with too. Contrast that with the Mac App Store where existing desktop software could be submitted with very few changes and there were lots of professional useful applications from day one.

  • Open source makes windows 8 usable


    Although, why install Windows 8 at all?

  • *Sigh* Visual Studio 2012 Launch will be 'Virtual'

    @Dr Herbie: What sort of swag did they hand out in the past?

  • Does anyone use on-line backup solutions?

    First of all, I wouldn't risk using Skydrive for anything.


    Even if you are happy that every file you have complies with Microsoft's Orwellian policies, it seems like far too big a risk to take that their systems might flag something innocent (how many ordinary magazines and newpapers contain pictures with "parital nudity"?). When the punishment is losing not only use of Skydrive and whatever files you've stored there, but also your xbox live account, hotmail account and everything you've bought for WP7 if you were mad enough to buy that, it's not something I'd risk for the sake of a bit of storage. The advantage of Dropbox is if they cut you off for whatever reason, Dropbox is all you lose.


    For backups I use Crashplan. It's in the same ballpark of backup services as Carbonite, but has no storage limit and the software is more flexible. You should be aware that even with a fast ADSL connection, it could take months to complete a full backup to a remote location, depending on how many files you have. The nice thing about Crashplan is that it's a full backup solution for local external harddrives and you can even back up one machine to another if you have a faster local connection so you can get a backup done quickly to give a decent piece of mind while you're waiting for the remote backup to complete. Encryption is available up to 256 bit and performed locally. You can select an option so that it never transmits the encryption key to Crashplan's servers, but you'll lose browser-based access to your archives if you select that.