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  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    When outlook express was used, I liked to go into the dbx files from time to time and delete/clear the junk out of my inbox, outbox, sent, and deleted folders to ensure my system stayed healthy. 

    I have found on Windows Mail that searching for the hidden files are not as easy as they were for outlook express.  Normally, I search for *.dbx and included the hidden files/folders. 

    I tried to do a search for *.eml in windows mail and my search came up with nothing the first time.  Then, I searched for .eml the 2nd time and got nothing again but noticed in the name portion of the search frame that the search was searching for name:.eml which was not correct.  So, I searched for .eml again and although I found the hidden files of Windows Mail, I was not happy that all the files were shown all bunched up instead of in their perspective folders.  Why would Microsoft make this so different? 

    I do like the junk mail option...it performs rather well.  But I don't like the fact that I can no longer view my contacts down the left lower side of the windows mail client like I did previously in outlook express.  I've tried to get them to show up but according to Microsoft, they'll remain hidden until needed.  What moron thought of this, I wonder?