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  • MSDN Wiki Projects - #2 - How and Why

    rhm wrote:
    Frack300 wrote: I had a really good read on this, very detail,
    and very useful information.Thanks.

    AVI TO iPod

    -1, comment spam

    I agree, comment spam. What do we do with AVI converting stuff in here for all wmv anyways? Smiley - oh, and the link? not opening..Sad
  • MSDN Wiki Projects - #1 - Saying Hello

    anand.t wrote:

    I usually download shows and today I decided to watch it online and I found out that there is no Volume Control in the player Probably you guys should include that.

    One more question, what technology do you guys use to stream the videos? When I right click on the player it says save as jpeg. I was thinking it might be wmv or flash.

    Btw looking forward for the whole interview.

    I also like to download and watch the shows. Big Smile

    I guess it's kinda trend or option that can be taken by video contents publisher NOT to include volume control in player panel. Smiley You would also see the player w/o volume control on Channel10 (on10.net) site. Maybe it's giving a watcher a default/current sound (volume) setting of pc, disallowing any change of setting thru the player. Expressionless

    The image we see on the page when we open it and when we try to save using right-click would be a palyerPreviewImage to represent the specific video content in overall, I guess. Smiley Oh, these guys use mms (mms://) streaming for sure with wmv file inside, along with activex control and ole object stuff for player, I guess. Smiley (All of my guess coming from page source Big Smile)

    BTW, also looking forward to the rest of interviews. ^^