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  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?


    This is great. I was hoping for a video on this for a while. Great interview so far, lots of good informatino there.

  • Windows Vista Tattoo

    alexg wrote:
    that's awesome! what you gonna do when windows logo changes ever so slighty again?

    He'll do whatever that one guy from Bungie will do when they announce a release date for their next project Wink

  • Windows Vista Tattoo

    Wait wait wait. So did they actually get tattoos or was it fake? I only ask because everyone got credited (including the tattoo artist) and because of the way the video was made.

    Even if not, that was a very nice looking tattoo.
  • Channel 9 Behind the Scenes

    PocketXP wrote:

    I'd like to see a few '2-camera' Scoble style interviews in the future.

    Need to take it to the next level.

    IMO, the 'Scoble Style' conversations are more effective, as oppossed to the Ken Burns or Charlie Rose style.

    I think there are two problems with using a two camera format. First off, it will take longer to edit, thus less videos can be filmed per week/month/whatever. Secondly, it's like Scoble said in the video, with more cameras it starts to make people less apt to just talk as if in regular conversations, sans cameras. It will make them start to talk more like a marketing guy than a dev.

    However, there are certain situations in which a two camera format might be worth it and workable. Like in the Larry Hyrb demonstration of the Xbox 360, there could have been a camera at the back of the room and Scoble's regular camera up front getting the close up action. Due to the size of the room, the interviewees are less likely to notice the camera as much since it two cameras won't be up in their faces. It makes people less apt to talk like marketing folk, so, like Scoble said, he can get a more conversational talk going with the interviewee, which, in my opinion, is part of what makes the videos great. With developer offices though, getting two cameras in there with sometimes up to five or six people (not including camera men!) will make things more cramped and they'll notice the cameras more and,  again, will be more apt to talk like marketing people.

    At least that is how I interpreted what Scoble was saying. My two cents.
  • Channel 9 Behind the Scenes

    koorb wrote:
    There are times when I wish Robert did use more equipment. Like in those recent Xbox360 roundtable videos the sound was not so good. If he had of used a boom microphone that would have made the video so much better.

    That's what makes the videos so raw and awesome. It's like when someone suggested using Camtasia for the demos. It just doesn't have the same raw feel to it as Scoble's style. If you want to hear Larry Hyrb talk about Xbox 360 and things related, subscribe to Major Nelson's (Larry Hyrb) podcast. It's great.
  • Channel 9 Behind the Scenes

    There needs to be a C9 store. I would love to have a nice polo with the Nine guy on the chest. Or a tshirt. Or something.

    Great video, a cool inside look at how videos get made and the techniques used to get such cool videos. Keep up the awesome work guys.
  • Andy Edmonds and Erik Selberg - Frank talk about MSN Search

    I like how he's using Firefox Wink

    At least he makes sure it works right in more than one browser Tongue Out

  • A thank you to the Niners! (The Channel 9 Song)

    This is awesome!

    Any tablature or anything for us guitar players? If not I'll be working on that tomorrow...
  • PDC05 Road Trip - Episode 3

    AHAHAHA. Haha. Ha.

    Funny stuff. Has no one noticed that's the voice of Sarge from Red vs. Blue? The "I hate Blues" and all that stuff? C'mon.

    Great job guys. Excellent stuff.
  • Chris Anderson - Talking shop about Avalon

    Already looked into it. VERY controversial stuff.

    Viewer discretion is advised: http://neopoleon.com/blog/posts/12904.aspx


  • Daniel Lehenbauer - Demo of Avalon 3D

    I've looked at the code in the demo and I'm starting a XAML generator tool. I'll post more in a bit and if anyone wants to help out or some more info, email me at esmith@halomessenger.org.

    Of course the tool wont be complete or very useful until I can get my hands on a build of the Avalon SDK, but I can get the basic app done soon.