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rjdohnert rjdohnert You will never know success until you know failure
  • Xamarin - hopes and fears

    coming from the Linux and BSD commercial world, one thing I always hear from my clients and customers is that they would LOVE to have a quick way to deploy and develop applications.  Visual Studios is ALWAYS the example Im given.  So I think this attention to cross platform will be YUGE.

  • Chrome OS to get Android apps via the magic of containers

    I dont know how great it will be.  Their last attempt really sucked bad.  Why do they even bother with Chrome OS anymore?   Just move everything to Android

  • Microsoft Edge on Linux

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if there is any chance we will see the Edge browser on Linux or the Mac.  Seeing as how the marketshare for Edge is down and seeing as Microsoft is releasing alot of software into the open source world you could release an open source  version called Edgeium or something (yes that was meant as tongue in cheek not a serious naming convention) I think cross platform, ie IOS Android, Linux and Mac wont hurt but would help strengthen your marketshare.  The reason Chrome and firefox are so popular is because you can sync bookmarks, passwords and other content through the browser rather than the OS, build in something like that for Edge and you got a major browser contender.  You guys got Nat and Miguel two of the best Linux developers in the world it could work.

  • VIDEO:Dave Cutler interview

    I have met Dave Cutler a couple of times.  He is actually a really super cool guy.

  • Chakra to go open source


  • How I would market Windows 10 Mobile

    what Microsoft needs is the exposure.  Thats why I am all for Microsoft targetting the prepaid services.  Apple got popular because of the branding. Android got popular because of all the cheap damn devices on the market.  It made people WANT to go purchase the higher end devices.

  • How I would market Windows 10 Mobile

    Now, I really hate being that guy that says it should be done this way.  So the hypothetical solution, if Satya was to give me the keys for a month would be this.   I would subsidize Lumia and make a high end device under the Surface brand, the Surface Phone, and I would give that to regular carriers for 2 year contractors and of course have the whole continuum experience etc.  The Lumia brand I would market as a pure entry device.  Look at Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, Page Plus etc and see how many of those 50 or 60 dollar phones they sell.  Quite a bit.  Get those guys the Lumia to sell.  Of course leave out Continuum and some of the more professional features, and have just a basic Windows Phone experience.  This way you have entry and high end covered.  Just my two cents.

  • Swift goes open source

    This move really had me scratching my head.  Whats the point?

  • 9 guy, still alive

    I was sent a 9 guy YEARS ago, about the same time Windows Vista launched.  Yes, he still lives, along with my Java tiger and SGI rubiks cube.

    9 guy


  • My impressions of Visual Studios 2015

    I was recently asked to upgrade a database app that I wrote back in 2005.  I finally had to update it for Windows 10.  Well, I was preparing to have to rewrite the whole darn thing and when I opened the project file VS 2015 it converted it and cut development time down considerably.  Now when I ran it there are a few tweaks and stuff I have to make but overall it works.  As a Linux developer primarily it would be nice to have something like this in the Linux ecosystem.  Maybe a full VS in Linux?

    Roberto J. Dohnert