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  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

    Being a guitar and music geek this has to be my favorite video I've ever seen on Channel 9. I own almost all of the King Crimson studio recordings and many of Fripps solo recordings. People that aren't Fripp fans probably won't understand the importance of this video. Fripp is probably the most sensitive rock musician when it comes to photography of any kind. Fripp and Crimson have the strictest anti-photogrpahy policy of any rock band and normally Fripp performs in shadows.

    Fripp is probably the most technologically advanced performing guitarist in the world. His guitar rig probably cost more than many people's homes. He has several $10,000 TC Electronic delay units. That's just *delay*. To get an idea you can check it out his rig from 1997 at

    If anyone wants to buy any of his ambient style music or more heavy stuff from Crimson needs to check out where you can buy recordings in MP3 and FLAC and listen to samples.