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  • Chris St.Amand and Jeff Stucky - Debugging ​Microsoft.​com

    I like how 10:14-10:18 zooms in right on Chris's keyboard as he types his password. Even with just using windows media player on cntl+shift+s it takes a lot of the guess work out of the password.
    Especially with a little help from our friends from UC-Berkley.

    Also, I like 12:32,  "so we'll avoid showing ip address... haha we'll have to cut that part out..." like the large address looking at us in the face and then seconds later the 3 ip addresses in clear view on the right.

    "So we have terminal server access to all the servers in the data center, right.". Right, well I wonder how may of those servers, whose IP addresses we just saw, are attached to Chris's login and password.

    [6] Ready, aim, proxy.