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  • Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps

    This work is really great and creative.
    I have some suggestions, i dont know if this has been thought of.

    I may not be a full time user of mappoint/streetsand trips sw, as i may wish to go out on weekends only. so ideally speaking i may end up using the sw i buy for what about 60 days an year.

    If i'm a web user for suppose mappoint and not bought the mappoint sw, i should be able to zoom in and save the maps into my laptop as jpeg images so that i can use them offline.
  • John Stallo - The Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer (1 of 3)

    Hi Ramesh,
    An addition to the above questions.
    How is Sql Server integrated with the VSTS?

    I can have various DB objects in my database and i need to get the relationships among various DB objects as i want to write a wrappers over each DB Entity which can be accessed as class instances. In this case i need the VSTS to help me generate the classes from the DB objects(Tables/Views).

    how this scenario is captured in VSTS ?

  • John Stallo - The Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer (1 of 3)

    Hi Ramesh,
    I somewhat know this information as i was the part of the MS JVM maintenance (from the partner company) until recently after i moved out of the Microsoft account in my company and had worked with various groups  of the tools for microsoft at Redmond.

    Well the Java Language Conversion Assistant cannot completely convert the J2EE code into the C# equilent 100% and needs lot of tweaking of the code generated (i dont want to go into figures).

    What i was asking on this specific conversion was that if i had a j2EE Design diagram lets suppose in Rose/MagicDraw UML, they have a feature of XMI(Xml interchange) so that the design is portable across the design tools.

    If the said existing design in J2EE needs to be ported into a C# equilent then what features will the VSTS support? 

    I came across this cool architecture as MDA(Model Driven Architecture) which does an end to end design starting from the View until the model involving various tiers in the application.

    I suppose the MS UIP application blocks also does something similar and it would be really great to integrate the MS UIP into the VSTS so that there can be a standard of MS UIP in Application development using n-tier architecture.

  • John Stallo - The Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer (1 of 3)

    Hi John,

    I see this as a very good feature in the new VS.Net 2005.

    I would like to know how the VS.Net 2005 some of the below features

    1.XMI interface (Import/export) of the class design

    2.How do i develop a Model Driven Architecture using the Microsoft UIP-Application blocks atchitecture ( i think is a very good Distrubited architecture. This architecture is really catching up in Open source)

    3.Deployment across teams.
     (It would be really good to sync the same into VSS or to some source control so that the Project Architect can guide designers about the changes based on the requirements)

    4.UML or industry Standards in Middle tier designs

    5.Enable Migration into Microsoft languages (Some thing like J2EE into Microsoft .Net)


  • Sanjay ​Parthasarat​hy - Running developer evangelism

    Hi All,

    Its Great about running the developer evengelism on Microsoft products.
    I Thank for taking this initiative.

    One thing i would like is to involve Dev Leads and Test leads on happening things @ Microsoft so that the developer/tester community gets enough expousure of whats happening at microsoft.