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Rene Schulte

Rene Schulte rschu

Niner since 2011

René Schulte is an internationally recognized, independent expert and was honored for his community work with the Microsoft MVP Award and as Nokia Developer Champion. He blogs about many topics of Windows Phone, .NET and Windows development in general and writes articles. Sometimes he can also be found at various events as a speaker including the Microsoft and Nokia Windows Phone launch events and he takes part as a judge for Mobile Development Contests (Microsoft Imagine Cup, AppCampus, Core77).

René Schulte is a Windows Phone developer since day one and develops highly acclaimed apps such as Pictures Lab, Funny Faces, Face Lens, Helium Voice, Cloud Recorder and more. He combines the advanced algorithms of computer graphics, image processing and computer vision with a great user experience. René Schulte also created and maintains several popular open source libraries for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT, such as WriteableBitmapEx or the Augmented Reality library SLARToolKit.

René Schulte also works for IdentityMine, an outstanding interactive design, software development, and user experience (UX) agency.