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  • Windows Vista App​Readiness: Finding and Sharing Information about the Applications that Work and Don

    Note that the "Application Compatibility Cookbook" that they mentioned is a setup program that (ahem) doesn't always run correctly on Vista.
  • Application ​Compatibili​ty - Overview

    Boring.  At the least -- until I switched it off, there wasn't anything about the new server 2008 -- just Vista crap that's a year old.

  • Build UAC aware apps with VS2008

    I rather thought that the manifest was just another resource -- in which case, why not edit it through the normal resource editing mechanisms instead of via Yet Another Weird Action?

    And why is this so late?  Did the VS2005 team really not know that Vista was coming?

    And why does the "UAC Options" button in VB.NET mode actually create a file?  Isn't that just about the last action that anyone would expect given the labeling on the button?

    Lastly, this video is grossly mistitled.  It's not about making UAC aware apps - the app knows nothing about UAC except for a "magic string" in the manifest.  It would be nice to know if an app can detect that it's elevated, or handle the user not running it.  But since these apps aren't actually UAC aware at all, that's not possible.
  • Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2008

    And my god!  The Intellisense file went from OK to absolutely effing huge in 2005.  There's nothing like starting up a project, seeing the "updating intellisense" and knowing that you might as well just wander off into other peoples meetings for an hour or so.