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  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    If there was only something that does as much for CRT's. On my Viewsonic PT795 (which uses an aperture grill a la Trinitron), Cleartype is a disaster. Completely unusable. Therefore I use "Standard" smoothing in XP, though it's almost the same as not using anything at all. Vista has me concerned. 5270 looks even worse with Cleartype on, and with it off it's still not nearly as sharp as XP (I use a Radeon 9600XT, incidentally). It's something about the new fonts, which show up in a lot of places (e.g. Windows Mail), as they're just blurry, almost as if they're using Cleartype even when I have Cleartype disabled. Perhaps an LCD is a must-buy for Vista.
  • Robert Scoble - Walk to Ballmer's office

    What is the blog that was referenced early on, the one being started by the guy who can't really talk about his product?