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  • Using tiles and ​notificatio​ns

    Missed the original presentation last week, and just watched this now. Unfortunately, there wasn't any recorded Q&A. Regarding the 30 day URI expiration for WNS push notifications, I think this could prove very problematic for some apps. For example, an anti-malware product settings app may not be opened frequently, causing the tile notifications to time out. If this tile showed active/updated information about the anti-malware product, it would appear to freeze. Also, some apps are "report-only" users create a "widget" tile. For example, a weather app that shows local conditions in the tile would expire if it wasn't opened. Is there any way to address this, or are we depending on the user to touch our app?

    Also, I assume push notifications are per-user? We can, therefore update tile information on a per-user basis?