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  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo


    Wait for Windows 9, or upgrade to Win 7.

    Let Microsoft sort out the problems and fallout from 8. Win 9 is expected to be a 128-bit OS.


  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    More bad news, I'm afraid. PC World has already written a scathing review of Windows 8. It's starting to look more like Win 8 will be another ME/Vista.

    Here are a couple exerpts from PC World:

    "Microsoft has created a very confused and confusing operating system. Windows 8 has two personalities, and they don't seem to like each other very much."


    "Windows 8's other personality, Desktop, is merely a Metro app. Meant to run "legacy" programs, it looks like Windows 7, except...once again, no Start button--or Start menu. I can't believe that Microsoft failed to realize what a serious omission this is. Convenient and intuitive from its Windows 95 birth, the Start menu has grown and improved until, in Windows 7, it's a work of functional beauty. With Windows 8, Microsoft has neither kept it, improved on it, or replaced it with something equally useful. Instead, they've simply dumped it." ...

    "My only hope: That market forces compel Microsoft to keep Windows 7 on the market until they either restore the Start button or come up with something better."

    You can read the complete article here.

    Lincoln Spector at PC World had this to say:

    Two different operating systems that are hardly on speaking terms. Not only do they have totally different UIs, but they can't even run the same software.
    And the Desktop is a crippled version of Windows 7, without the Start menu.


    If this is the way Microsoft is going with Windows 8, I wouldn't touch this OS with an ten-foot pole! I'll wait for Win 9.

    Here's a comment from another user (posted on PC World's forums), LiveBrianD, who said:

    Windows 8 sucks - the metro UI is unintuitive, and they seem to be forgetting that most people have regular desktops and laptops WITHOUT touchscreens... Vista 2.0 I guess, except worse.


    Alright, alright ... I know my criticism sounds bloody harsh. To be fair, what Microsoft has done is release a community preview for feedback. So, in the end, things could still change. Hopefully for the better. Hopefully. I just want to see Microsoft build the best OS, not release another ME/Vista.

    So for now, 8 < 7.


  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo


    The Metro design in Windows 8 has an uncanny resemblance to those computer screens as seen in the movie 2001: a space odyssey. Even the colours seem similar.

    Windows 8 already has me concerned. My desktop computer is a desktop, not a bloody cell phone. I don't need the Metro interface. Will users be able to turn off the Metro UI? Or at the very least, make it optional. The desktop UI appears to be a stripped down version of Win 7's desktop, and those hotspots don't seem helpful. I can see a lot of problems with this release.

    Where is the Start button? That's pretty poor user interface design when a user can't figure out who to access his/her programs, etc. There should be a visual cue. It all reminds of the old WordPerfect days -- one stares at an intimidating blue screen, not knowing what to do next. I thought we passed that era long ago. Guess not.

    Anyway, sorry to be so bloody hyper critical. I prefer the Windows 7 GUI. It's quieter, cleaner, non-intrusive, easy to use, no nonsense. Don't change what's good and actually works. From what I see in Windows 8 is starting to resemble another Vista/ME.

    8 < 7. I'll pass on 8 and wait for Win 9.

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