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ryanb ryanb
  • Teal

    androidi said:
    C94732874328 said:

    Well looking at that chart it could be hard to find PC colors for a PC site so I guess I shouldn't have brought the original reference up at all. (whoops I don't think this editor has the ability to remove this quote from this post -Doh!)


    The main point I wanted to make that as a solid fill color in rectangular shape/background it IMHO doesn't fare too well against many other colors.

    Actually, I think the teal theme is a big improvement over orange and yellow.  It's not like you can see much of the teal anyway.  The only place it shows up is in the stripe across the top.

  • An idea for a tablet UI

    BitFlipper said:
    AndyC said:

    I really don't see what is so "enormously ambitious" about this. If you take the WP7 SL+XNA version and adapt it to run as a full-screen framework on Win7, why would implementing things like IsolatedStorage be so difficult? It could be essentially a sandbox where the only API the apps will have is what's in the WP7 version of SL+XNA. You can't P/Invoke in WP7, so why should this change when it is run on Win7? The storage related classes will work just like the ones on WP7.


    Anyway, I think people somewhat misunderstood my initial idea. I wasn't thinking about tablets that are as "lightweight" as the iPad, I was thinking about tablets that can already run Win7 as is. This is a way to make it more attractive for consumers by providing some of the simplicity of what people like about the iPad. Since W3bbo asked specifically what advantages SL+XNA had in this case, this is what I'm thinking:

    • With the recent interest in WP7 development (read this blog for instance), making it easy to bring those same apps to existing Win7 tablets (and newer tablets) would give them a user experience that seem to be popular outside of geek-minded consumers.
    • Have you seen the WP7 development tools...!? Compare to other development environments.
    • Compare how apps are installed/uninstalled in iPad/iPhone/WP7 to how it is done on Win7. People really don't want to go to Add/Remove programs and search through a long list of confusing products to uninstall something. They want to press and hold its icon and choose to uninstall it.
    • I always feel that I don't want to give up the ability to run some of my favorite older desktop apps or games on a tablet. You need just one such an app or game to make something like the iPad a no-go. So having the ability to still do that is important I think.
    • EDIT: Access to the Windows Marketplace, in a similar way as you will be able to do with WP7. Finding/seeing reviews and ratings/buying/installing/uninstalling tradional Windows applications is a PITA.

    "I wasn't thinking about tablets that are as "lightweight" as the iPad, I was thinking about tablets that can already run Win7 as is. This is a way to make it more attractive for consumers by providing some of the simplicity of what people like about the iPad."


    That may be the catch though.  The users who want the simplified interface tend to want the 'lightweight" hardware and feature set of the iPad.  The users who want the 'heavyweight' hardware capable of running the full OS don't have a lot of use to sometimes switch down to a simplified UI.  The biggest problem is in companies trying to find a single solution for these very different market segments.


    The more consistency between the APIs of these different devices the better.  If the UIs can be made to swap out, so much the better I guess, but I don't see many people doing it in the real world.

  • Every MS Employee To Get a WP7 Device

    It would be a lot more effective if they gave 93,000 devices out to developers (outside of MS) than to give them to all employees.  For WP7 to be successful, developers have to write apps for it.  The best way to get them to write the apps is to give them the hardware. 


    Then again, forced dogfooding throughout the company is probably the best/fastest way to get shortcomings with the system found and resolved.


  • Authenticat​ion Required dialogs in Chrome

    It's even worse in Firefox.  Any link, new page, new thread, etc. gives me a "continue" dialog box followed by either three or four of the Authentication Required dialogs to cancel through.  It says I'm logged in, but I cannot post responses.  The whole C9 site has been effectively useless for the past couple days.  IE8 seems to be working for the most part, but I get the authorization dialog occasionally.


  • Native Development is Back - Say Hello to Hilo

    Speak for yourself.  I write exclusively in native code, because it is what I need to meet the requirements of the applications I write.  It may be far from the mainstream these days, but there are plenty of other native developers out there in the same boat, and all of us care about advances in native APIs.  Writing native code is painful enough and lags far behind in getting support for newer features.  Native apps tend to be more about the computation than the visuals, but anything to improve the graphical options in native code is very welcome in my book.


  • Ray Ozzie

    figuerres said:
    exoteric said:

    I vote for the GU as the CEO and public face of MS!


    Scott gets up and talks, he has good public presence and seems to always come accross as a good guy who's listening and wants to get it right.


    ray and balmer - meh, who needs em?

    The Gu would be a great public face, but to some degree he already is.  Wouldn't want to dilute him from his current efforts any more.  I could see Sinofsky in that role too.  Ballmer has always been a disaster for the company and needs to get booted.  He's old-school Microsoft thinking that just isn't compatible with where the company needs to go.  Who knows what Ozzie is up to since he never shows himself.  In what little I have seen from him, I've never seen anything that made me think he has any clue, so i'd send him packing with Ballmer.


  • The Known Universe: A Graphical Perspective

    That was very cool, Charles.  Thanks for posting it.

  • Monads

    Charles said:

    It depends on how far you want to stretch the meaning. We actually talk about his in an upcoming C9 Conversations piece with Dr. Beckman Smiley So, I'll let him explain.


    Sweet!  Another Beckman episode coming soon.  Can't wait!


    Any chance he is finally going to spill his guts about the secret project???  Probably not.