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Niner since 2012

  • UWP-002 - Creating your First Universal Windows Platform App

    Is there a way to just watch every episode in order nonstop without having to keep go over to computer and press play on the next video/  I Need autoplay so I can watch all the videos nonstop when I'm going to bed

    Thanksif anyone knows how or where this works kind of in MVA but not on channel9 

  • Hey Cortana

    Thank You for this Cortana code,  All code examples are great. keep it up

  • Defrag Tools #164 - Sysinternals for Nano Server - Mark Russinovich

    Thanks Andrew Mason for showing up, also Andrew I've been dealing with symbol download problems on server 2016tp5. Can never get the right symbols for that build. Is there a good way to deal with all the new builds and symbols downloading and the changing SDK's and debugging tools. I never know if I have the right version installed since the builds keep updating.  I am running a symbol server, and most of the time the symbol errors are on my Hyper-V server 2016tp5, but anything you can add would help.

    Thanks for coming back on the air guys! 

  • Learn About the PowerShell 5.0 Using Statement

    Thanks for the tip

  • How To Install Windows Server 2016 on Bare metal

    Did this as soon as tp 5 came out. Fingerprint reader doesnt work and two wireless adapters also dont work. There are about 6 devices in device manager that will not find drivers. I use it everyday and hopefully windows update will eventually install these other drivers but for now wireless network adapters are not functional. I did try to install the drivers myself but there are some problems with several devices on my server still.

  • Defrag Tools #160 - Sysinternals PsPing

    I love tuning in just to see what cHADBeeder is going to be wearing.  Fabulous!

    annoying debugging crash dumps on technical preview builds, it seems like the symbols and the sdks don't always match up for some reason.  I downloaded the new preview sdk for build 14291 on the wrong computer (its running 10586 Release preview build), now when I am trying to install it on the 14306 build laptop, I can't find the sdk to download, it keeps trying to download the 10586.144 build sdk version.  what a mess,

  • One Dev Question with Raymond Chen - Error Reporting in Windows

    It found a solution for me twice in windows 7, it was to download and install a hotfix, and to download a new printer driver for an HP printer. 

  • Running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows!

    wheres the preview to download and try>?


    It should be in server 2016 no>?

    I mean we're all waiting for Server 2016 to be RTMed already, it;s gotta be at least a release candidate by the end of build.  Anything coming to windows 10 has got to be making it into the server as well.  However, Powershell is so much more important to me than bash, I mean powershell already has so many aliases already baked in, It;s really not that big of a jump.Plus who doesn't already use git-scm to practically use bash in the command shell already,

  • Day 3: Operation Management Suite with Q&A

    Hey, I have been using Operations Management Suite to connect to my Ops manager 2016tp4   lab server, but have not been able to get anything but alerts to show up in my dashboard.  AD Replication does not work, and actually most of the other solutions still say Performing Assessment

    The thing that is puzzling is the Agents are the same agents for Operations Manager, so I have agents installed on all my clients and servers but none of them are reporting to OMS, they only report to my System Center Ops Manager server.  I must be missing something, and I am upset that adreplstatus is no longer available to run locally but only in OMS, since I cannot get anything to show up except for alerts and warnings.


  • Defrag Tools #143 - Raymond Chen - Microsoft Archives Part 1

    You guys made it on Windows Weekly this week with Mary Jo Foleys pick of the week this episode.

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