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  • Erik Meijer Shows Us His Favorite Visual Basic 9.0 Feature - XML Literals

    This is a good presentation on LinQ/Expressions. Its nice to see how xml queries are simplified.

    It would be more helpful if the exmaple is with some realistic data. Also, discussion on XSLT complexity and its unfriendliness to developers is understandable but how can we display xml if there are no office clients and how simple is it to build such an xml with all the style elements and spreadsheet format info?
    Also the XSD didn't make much sense to me.

    Anyway, the expressions are quite a good/new concept. Yet to figure how really simple they are in the real world!
  • Javed Sikander: Office 2007- Office Business Application


    There is hardly any substancial message delivered through this video.
    The level at which it was presented is highly unimaginable.

    How is it different from having sharepoint deployment with office exposed as the frontend. Is this integration being termed as OBA now?